Powderham Food Festival 2017

The second to last (don’t forget Dartmouth Food Festival that happened last weekend) big food festival on the calendar took place a few weekends ago; we were lucky enough to attend as guests.

Filterloop Pro - 2017.

Each year the stands get better and more fascinating, all manned by friendly producers who are always willing to chat and share their passion for the products they’re selling.

Have a look at our write-up from last year. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and this year was no different. There were some of the regular faces and some new ones, notably for us BAM Sauces and Chococ being a couple of producers who we were excited to engage with.

Filterloop Pro - 2017.

The festival sprawls across the grounds of Powderham Castle, with stalls in the Courtyard area, the gardens and even in some of the rooms of the castle itself.

We got so taken up with talking to producers and eating food, we didn’t get to look at the whole festival; the whole thing would need a good day to watch the demos, listen to the talks to really appreciate the whole event.

Filterloop Pro - 2017.

As ever the producers who were displaying and selling their products were on form.  I had a spicy Scotch Egg from the Surf and Turf Kitchen which was the best scotch egg I’ve had in a very long time.

It was great to see Chococo representing at the Food Festival selling their exquisite Chocolate too.  Unfortunately we were too early in the year for their Mega Milk single origin bars (we’ll have to wait until closer to Christmas) but their wonderful wares were being enjoyed by the hoard of chocolate lovers who were lapping up the samples!

Filterloop Pro - 2017.

We didn’t buy as much as we had done in previous years but one of the things we did buy was a bottle of Brown Sauce from Bam Foods with fiery Jalapeños made with real fruit.  We really enjoyed talking to Sarah, one of the owners, who recently started the company.

Filterloop Pro - 2017.

The sauce is exactly as you would imagine it.  Tart, sweet, sour and fiery – we’ve nearly run out so I better get on their website soon and buy some more!

We didn’t get to talk to everyone but here are some of the best bits from our afternoon!

Filterloop Pro - 2017.

Filterloop Pro - 2017.

Filterloop Pro - 2017.

Filterloop Pro - 2017.

Filterloop Pro - 2017.

Tori’s highlight this year was the Churros from Choccy Churros.  I was even considerate enough to take a video of her eating one.

It was packed full of nutella and salted caramel, which annoyingly ran down to the bottom.  But it was a glorious end to our fun foodie afternoon at the Powderham Food Festival.

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