Devon Farm Launches Kids’ Bangers in Support of Farms for City Children

Eversfield Organic, a family run organic farm based on the outskirts of Dartmoor, has joined forces with children’s charity, Farms for City Children. The partnership aims to raise funds to enable more children from cities and disadvantaged backgrounds across the UK to experience a week of muck and magic on the charity’s working farm.

Farms for City Children was founded by children’s author, Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare in 1976 in Iddesleigh. The charity has expanded over the forty years and they now have farms in Pembrokeshire and Gloucestershire, as well as their original farm in Iddesleigh, Devon. The charity inspires over 3,200 children and 400 teachers from far and wide to get stuck in and enjoy all that the countryside has to offer them during their week-long stay —from sunshine and fresh air, right through to mud and manure. But it is in amongst the muck (come rain or shine) that the magic really happens.

Out of the normal classroom environment and away from the inner city life that is everyday normality for these children they are encouraged to try new things, broaden their horizons and overcome their fears. As a result of a hardworking and very fun week’s work, children discover new confidence and independence. As they work together, talk and value one another for what they can achieve, their self-esteem blossoms.

To celebrate the partnership, Eversfield Organic is launching a new range of children’s favourite bangers via their online shop, with 5% from each pack sold going directly to Farms for City Children. The organic pork sausages will be made from organic rare breed pigs, bred and reared outdoor on lush Devon pasture. These fun-size sausages can be cooked in just five minutes, the perfect ingredient to get kids cooking at home.


Eversfield Organic itself is born of a new generation farmer, Mark Bury, who embarked on his organic dream in 2002 with his wife, Emily, his daughter, Anna and son, Hamish. Their farm is Soil Association Organic certified as well as certified by the Pasture Fed Livestock Association, meaning their cattle and lambs are fed 100% grass throughout their life, without finishing on grain. Mark believes caring for the land and animals is not only sustainable and conscientious, but also results in a better quality, healthier and tastier meat.

The organic Kids Favourite Bangers were launched on 4 October with a special sausage-making session at the charity’s Nethercott House in Devon. Having spent the morning with the charity’s Large Black pigs, feeding them and learning about the cuts of the meat, Eversfield’s team showed the children from Whetstone Field Primary School from Walsall the tricks of the trade in making their Kids’ Bangers, using all natural sausage casings and a 95% pork sausage mix – a much meatier sausage than most and gluten free. The children enjoyed making and twisting the sausages, making their own batch for lunch. The best question from the day was how many sausages the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk can eat! The children estimated it would be 20,000! The children tucked in to the sausages for lunch along with mash and gravy – delicious!

Many children visiting the farm have a very limited understanding of where their food comes from and often what the food even is. Research carried out by LEAF and the British Nutrition Foundation found that 1 in 4 children doesn’t know a chick is a baby chicken, 1 in 5 doesn’t know pork comes from pigs, and many think pasta comes from animals. Often with limited experience of fresh produce and little opportunity to explore open space beyond the city, their visit to Farms for City Children is an incredibly special and impactful experience for the children.


“The most important thing I could do for my family was feed them good food, grown and reared naturally and for them to understand how it reached their plates. That’s what hooked me on the idea of getting into organic farming.

For Eversfield Organic to have the opportunity now to help children gain a practical and meaningful experience of grass-roots farming is wonderful. We love that Farms for City Children gives kids the chance to enjoy our county’s beauty and get stuck in with animals, food and farm life. And if sausages aren’t the way to everyone’s heart, then I don’t know what is!”

Eversfield Organic’s Kids Favourite Bangers are available to buy from from 4th October and cost £4.99 for 340g/10 sausages.

Katie Wade, Fundraiser at Farms for City Children, said, “We are delighted to launch this partnership with Eversfield Organic. Sharing the same values and enabling more children to experience a week of muck and magic is important to both of us – and spreading the word through Kids Favourite Bangers is certainly an innovative way to do this!”


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