Scripts for Supper: Annie and Alice answer 10 Questions!

Scripts for Supper is a magical combination of theatre and food.  Healmed by Masterchef semi-finalist Annie Mckenzie and her partner-in-crime Alice Devine, the pair bring the magic of theatre to the foodie masses over exquisite dishes created by the pair.

We met Annie back in August at Bickham Barn when she was creating a stonking menu for a good friend’s birthday.  Ever since it was mentioned, I’ve been curious about Scripts For Supper so we sent a few questions over the Annie and Alice to share with our lovely readers.


“Our “truly special” theatre and dining experiences fuse together acting, music, food, drink and oodles of merriment and have been featured in Hello! Magazine, Luxury London, Devon Life Magazine and by the Editor-in-Chief of Sainsbury’s Magazine.”

Scripts for Supper debuted in London to rave reviews and now the pair are in Devon, giving Devon foodies and theatre lovers a chance to experience an intimate and delicious evening.


1. From Masterchef to the wilds of Devon, how did you end up in the rolling hills of our fair county?

ANNIE: Well! I moved to Devon just after Easter this year. I’d been living in London for 6 years and had just had a big break up. London can be quite a lonely and difficult place to mend a broken heart, and I remember calling my best friend James (who lives in Barnstaple) up after a yoga class one day having a bit of an existential crisis. He said, “Why don’t you come hang out in Devon for a bit?” and the rest is history.

2. So, I hear that the filming process for Masterchef is very different from the cut of the show viewers see at the end. What was the experience like for you as a chef?

ANNIE: It was one of the most stressful, wonderful, nerve-wracking, invigorating experiences I’ve ever had. I learnt so much about myself, about how to cook, and made some friends for life. I’d go back and do it all again in a heartbeat, but I probably wouldn’t cook ravioli for 120 people in a storm on a warship again…

3. It feels like winter is properly here now! What was your highlight of summer?

ANNIE: Did we even have a summer?! I feel like I’ve not stopped working the whole time. I very much enjoyed going to and demonstrating at Powderham Food Festival. The lovely Jim from Exeter Cookery School invited Alice and I, and we had the best day.

4. I hear you started off in acting, what enlightened your love of cooking?

ANNIE: Yes! I still act and write, but am fortunate enough that I can now cook for a living too. I’ve always cooked and loved food, ever since I can remember. My Dad and I had midnight feasts together, made Roald Dahl’s revolting recipes, always celebrated pancake day with a crepe or ten, and it just grew from then on really. I was “Mum” at university, always cooking for everyone, and then started experimenting more and more. Funny old life, really. I’m very lucky.

5. The local foodie scene is buzzing with talk of your wonderful project, Scripts For Supper, where did you get the inspiration for this?

ANNIE: When I was on MasterChef I was filming from 8am-6pm every day and for the first two weeks hightailing it over to Wilmbledon to pay The Clown in Titus Andronicus. Food and theatre have always been such a big part of my life, I spent a long time thinking about how to put the two things together. My ex had a big part to play in the inception of Scripts for Supper, as did Alice. I remember a very exciting tube journey where we basically planned the whole thing and then, one year later, here we are…

6. When can we expect a chance to experience these amazing evenings?

ANNIE: Our “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” Narnia themed festive feast is touring to three venues throughout Devon this December.
Windout Farm near Tedburn St. Mary on 1st and 2nd December at 7pm and 3rd December at 2pm.
Tapeley Park near Instow on 8th and 9th December at 7pm and 10th December at 2pm.

Bickham Barn near Exeter on 15th and 16th December at 7pm and 17th December at 2pm.


7. In the context of the classic cream teas – cream first or jam first?

ANNIE: Oh God the pressure. I just googled “Devon cream tea” to make sure I got it right, so… cream first?
ALICE: All the cream and then a wee dollop of jam after. My nan taught me that in Braunton when I was 5, she sends me a cream tea every year on my birthday.

8. Which playwright goes best with chicken?
ANNIE: Samuel Beckett with an Irish chicken and dumpling stew.
ALICE: The playright that goes best with chicken is Tenessee Williams. Fried chicken with a side of turnip greens and sweet tea. A classic Mississippi dinner.

9. Which ingredient do you absolutely love cooking with?

ANNIE: Butter. I wish I could say something else, but butter. Butter all day. Every day. I love it.
ALICE: One ingredient I love cooking with is risotto rice, It loves a glass of wine and a good stock and given time it will be sure to leave you satisfied in every way

10. If you had to take one kitchen implement to a desert island (electrical included too, this is a Desert Island with a power outlet) what would it be?

ANNIE: My Magimix. With all the attachments. She’d help me survive.

ALICE: If I was on a desert island I’d take a Japanese Knife set for the opening of coconut husks and protection from wild beasts.

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All photos courtesy of Scripts for Supper


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