Dorset Entrepreneur starts salty love affair with Dorset Sea Salt!

 Portland native Jethro Tennant is a 24 year old man on a mission, a salty mission to bring the unique taste of Dorset to the hungry masses.


The Man

After graduating university, while deciding his next move, Tennant stumbled upon the centuries old salt pans in his native Portland Bill and found himself asking the question why had Dorset’s sea salt scene vanished and consequently, what could he do to help revive it?

Fast forward a few months and after self-professed sea salt geek Tennant had successfully applied for the Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise programme, his first batch of Dorset Sea Salt was soon-to-be in production.

Why Dorset Sea Salt?

Hand-harvested on the mineral abundant Jurassic coastline and leveraging Dorset’s enviable foodie reputation, Dorset Sea Salt is rich in vital minerals and is a viable healthy alternative to old-school table salt, that is laden with additives and anti-caking agents. In fact, Tennant recommends using 30% less than ‘ordinary’ salt, thanks to its distinctly minerally profile.

While utilizing modern technology throughout the simple process of what is essentially heating sea water, Tennant’s aim is to simultaneously preserve traditional methods and shroud them in an ethical and ecological ethos.

For Tennant…

“The most enjoyable part of the whole process for me is working by the sea and actually harvesting the sea-salt. I’m very lucky.”

But, by adhering to his mantra of craftsmanship, locality and quality, it’s more than just luck that he, after only 3 months of trading, has found his product in the capital at London’s oldest botanic garden, Chelsea Physic Garden and the Kensington Creperie among others thus far.


And locally, according to Tennant…

“The reaction for the product from everyone who is part of the Dorset food and drink scene has been amazing. I’m very grateful for that.”

Dorset is known for its earthy produce and has some great ambassadors including Rick Stein, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and West Bay born super-chef Mark Hix. The Dorset Sea Salt brand encapsulates the homely and elemental vibes Dorset traditional recipes exude.

So, what does the future hold for Tennant and his brand?

With an objective of growing Dorset Sea Salt into one of the UK’s premium salt brands, his aim is to introduce it into the finest food outlets and restaurants.

And, with potential new products on the horizon such as Apple Smoked Sea Salt, this task will be made all the easier.

So, for a real taste of Dorset and the Jurassic coast, check out Dorset Sea Salt.

Facebook: Dorsetseasaltco
Twitter: @DorsetSeaSaltCo
Instagram: @dorsetseasalt


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