BEYOND DEVON: Chicken and Blues, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset

This blog was co-founded by myself and a long-standing good friend of mine in the shape of Polly Addison-Lithgow.  Formerly a colleague of mine at Exeter College, she left the bright lights of the big city (aka Dorset) with her partner – now hubby – Robin.


This means that we simply have to visit them in Dorset, which also means that we get to sample some of the local culinary delights in and around Wimborne, Bournemouth and Poole.

When we visited last, we got to visit Chicken and Blues in Parkstone near Poole for a bit of chicken-lickin goodness.  For an impromptu Sunday night feast, it filled a hole and then some.  The service felt a tad under pressure as they were really packed, but take that out of the equation, the chicken was simply divine and we had a really good meal.

The Parkstone restaurant is located near the heart of Parkstone, not too far away from Poole.  I hate to say that this part of the world looks very, well, samey.  Sorry Poole and Bournemouth – past Wimborne it just merges into itself as an endless string of suburbs, houses, trees and neat looking shopping centres, all catering to this very middle class slice of the universe.

But take away the directionless maze of roads, there are some excellent restaurants in this part of the world and Chicken & Blues is one of them.  They have been nominated Britain’s Best Takeaway 2017 and are considered one of the top five Chicken Outlets in the UK too, so I was curious to see whether this success would reflect in our visit?

best takeaway

You’ll be hard pressed to find something that doesn’t have chicken as a component ingredient on the menu apart from the sides.  It is all reasonably priced, you can have a whole chicken for £12.50 which is sharable amongst friends if you wish. (Menu correct 19th December 2017).  My overall feeling was that the chicken is the star of the show; some of the sides were great, but could be better.

Chicken and Blues

Sunday Roasts are an option too with a set price for the courses.  Tori went for this option and enjoyed it very much.

I went for a Quarter Breast…


Add in a whole bunch of sides and things start to liven up a bit!


The coating was amazing and frankly, next time I visit a Chicken and Blues I might just have a whole chicken.  To myself.

The skin-on fries were nice and crisp, but there were not that many of them. The side dishes are not the star of the show, but they still make up an important component in the whole experience.  They were great, but I feel there could have been larger portions.

But this is a complaint that I have had with other similar restaurants – there is a fine balance between making profit and losing profit per meal, so one cannot moan too much.


I really hope that Chicken and Blues opens up somewhere further west, Exeter already has two chicken joints but I wonder if there might be a third? It’d be nice.

Ultimately C&B is about the chicken, and overall the experience was most enjoyable.  I would recommend this to anyone in the Dorset area – go forth and enjoy their chicken!

Visit their site at


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