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Mead reimagined, here come the sparkling days of Yore!

Toasting the return of summer has just got that bit sweeter thanks the arrival of Yore from Lyme Bay Winery, a refreshing, moreish and dry sparkling mead produced among the rolling fields of Shute, Devon.
Lyme Bay Winery Yore
With a nostalgic nod to the first alcoholic drink ever to be created, this naturally gluten free honey-based tipple has been given a contemporary twist, breathing new life into a drink which has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years. Delicately sparkling with the light and refreshing qualities of some beers and ciders, Yore offers a complex and exciting new beverage for picnics, parties and gatherings.

Made from a blend of fermented honey, water and Champagne yeast, Yore boasts an alluring floral aroma followed by rich, dark and caramelised notes on the palate, all rounded off with a subtle barley note from the addition of English Wildflower Honey post fermentation.

Lyme Bay Winery’s Yore, 4% ABV, is available online at www.lymebaywinery.co.uk.

RRP £2.20 per 330ml bottle.

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