Valentine’s Day Gifts from Chococo


For Valentine’s Day 2018, Dorset-based artisan chocolatier Chococo has created a collection of gorgeous chocolates to delight chocolate lovers.

Aspiring cupids can select from the following gifts: NEW freshly handmade Valentine’s selection boxes featuring NEW flavours and a gorgeous NEW design; a NEW range of delicious and fun Valentine’s Chocolate Hearts and a NEW Valentine’s Hamper Box.

Carefully developed by the team, led by founders Claire and Andy Burnet, all the gifts are freshly handmade in Purbeck, Dorset, from fine origin chocolate from Madagascar (dark chocolate 67% cocoa) and Venezuela (milk chocolate 43% – which is very high in cocoa solids and lower in sugar) – so the object of your amorous intentions will get the best possible fine chocolate rush. Chococo has always been a firm believer in working with chocolate high in cocoa solids and low in sugar, as it believes in giving its customers a fine chocolate, not a sugar, experience.

All the items listed below are available online on its website and from Chococo’s three Chocolate Houses in Swanage, Dorset; Winchester, Hampshire; and Exeter, Devon. Alternatively you can call 01929 421777 to order some tempting Valentine delights.

The 2018 Valentine’s Collection includes:


NEW CHOCOLATES AND NEW DESIGN Chococo’s Valentine’s Selection Boxes (Large £22.00 – 25 chocolates/ Medium £16.50 – 16 chocolates) – Say it with these delicious selection boxes packed with Chococo’s handmade hearts and truffles. The boxes feature a stunning NEW design – a graphic cubist heart decoration in different shades of pink. They will include two of each of many of the flavours making these boxes perfect for sharing; NEW Prosecco caramel, NEW Kir Royale caramel, NEW Madagascar 65% megamilk with hazelnut, Salcombe gin, award-winning sakura tea, award-winning passionfruit caramel, Madagascan vanilla, raspberry, rhubarb and vanilla, award-winning lemon curd, honeycombe, award-winning arbequina olive oil and award-winning smoked sea salt caramel.

NEW CHOCOLATES AND NEW DESIGN Chococo’s Valentine’s Gift Set (£20.00) – This gift set contains a medium Valentine’s selection box of 16 freshly handmade chocolates and a 75g chocolate heart. The selection box contains two of each flavour of the Valentine’s chocolates and is delivered with your choice of either a milk chocolate heart, a dark chocolate heart, a Half & Half heart or a Honeycombe-studded heart. A perfect gift to match the one you love’s chocolate desires!


Chococo’s Valentine Hearts – As it’s Valentine’s, Chococo has created a range of origin chocolate hearts to celebrate. All handmade and hand-decorated, they come in two sizes and a variety of flavour combinations.

Chococo’s Valentine Hearts  (£10.00/200g or £5.00/75g) – Choose from:

  • Milk or Dark Hearts – 43% Venezuelan origin milk or 67% Madagascar origin chocolate hearts hand-decorated with natural colours. The dark chocolate heart is suitable for anyone intolerant to dairy and is also vegan.
  • Half& Half Heart – Half Venezuelan origin milk chocolate and half Colombian origin white chocolate.  Perfect to share!
  • Heavenly Honeycombe Hearts – Origin milk or dark chocolate studded with chunks of honeycombe handmade at Chococo with Dorset honey and dusted with gorgeous shimmers


NEW Valentine’s Gift Hamper Box (£32.50) – Thrill the one you love with this hamper box full of Chococo joy. It contains a small Valentine’s Box of nine freshly handmade chocolates including NEW Prosecco caramels and NEW Kir Royale caramels, a cube of origin milk chocolate hearts, five origin dark chocolate lips filled with sea salt caramel, Colombian White Chocolate slabs infused with crunchy dried raspberry pieces and a 43% Venezuelan milk chocolate lolly with a naturally coloured (beetroot) white chocolate heart in the centre and a hand-piped white chocolate kiss.


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