QFEST BBQ COMPETITION & FESTIVAL 2018 held at Red Rock Brewery, Bishopsteignton by Sue Stoneman

The wet, cold & windy June weather at the weekend didn’t stop the BBQ teams from descending down to the farm to light up their colourful array of ‘Qs’, to compete against each other in an attempt to take the title of Grand Champion QFEST 2018. I was there in the impressive line up of demo chefs for both days and I also had time to walk about to see what was going on as I will be entering a BBQ Competition with friends at Pengrille in July and hoped to pick up a few tips!


It’s not a big festival, but for the keen BBQer it’s an event where you can get to talk to fellow BBQers, see all the different types of BBQs being used and it’s at a brewery so there’s plenty of beer to be drunk! There were a few stalls manned by some of the sponsors & some delicious hot street food for sale. And for the children there was a bouncy castle and a bucking bronco.


This was the second year for the QFEST, organised by BBQ buddies Ben Forte & Daniel Shahin (some of you may remember them from the TV programme My Kitchen Rules) with about a dozen teams taking part. There are several different rounds including brisket, chicken, pork, ribs, lamb, pizza & chilli. Bunch of Swines took the title of Grand Champion . You can see the full list of results on the QFEST Facebook page.


While the competition was simmering away the demo chefs were showing on lookers how to butcher meat, make pizzas, giving tips on cold smoking, cooking over live fire and I demonstrated how you can cook chocolate brownies and an apple & cider cake on my bbq, a Kamado Joe Junior. It’s not all about the meat!


I’m sure QFEST will return for a third time next year.

In the meantime, dust off your BBQ, light up and get cooking!


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