New Desserts on the Menu at Rockfish – by Sue Stoneman

You’re in for a treat with Rockfish’s three new exciting desserts.

At the top of Monday’s new dessert menu at Rockfish is a quirky take on a Devon Cream Tea in the form of a deep fried doughnut filled with clotted cream and strawberry jam. You have to try this!

Luckily for me, I did; the light sugary coated ball is cut in half and filled with clotted cream and then strawberry jam, topped with the other half of the doughnut. It was held together with a bamboo skewer and looked very much to me like a sweet burger! Of course if you are from over the border, you can turn the doughnut upside down! What a fun, sweet and moreish pud – just as well, because you get three!

This innovative dessert has been created by Kirk Gosden, Rockfish Group Executive Chef, who took us through the menu during our invite-only tasting session.

The two other additions are Peach Melba Sundae (which I didn’t get a chance to taste) and The Sicilian. This is a soft light lemon sorbet drizzled with a shot of Limoncello, which I did get to try, and was very refreshing.

I did manage to get my spoon into the popular Chocolate Nemesis, a delicious, melt-in-the-mouth and rich chocolate cake served with clotted cream and Kirk’s Key Lime Pie made using his very own recipe from his time spent in the Caribbean.

If you can’t decide which dessert to try you could always order several and share them!

Rockfish Plymouth, like all the other Rockfish restaurants, is on the ‘Seafood coast’ and overlooks both the Barbican and Sutton Harbour. On a sunny summer day, it was the perfect setting for my visit. With the emphasis on local fish and other ingredients, including drink suppliers, it is also good to know that most of the menu is Gluten Free which is great for Coeliacs including a beer! Plans are underway for a Gluten Free fish pie too.

It is always a fun dining experience when you visit a Rockfish restaurant. My favourite part is when the waiting staff draw on the tablecloth to let you know what fish is the ‘catch of the day’ and informing you where the fish have come from.

Rockfish are now at several locations including Brixham, Dartmouth, Exmouth, Torquay and shortly Exeter, meaning there is a Rockfish near you where you can try these delicious new additions to the menu. I know I’ll be heading to one soon.

The new dessert menu will be live from Monday 25th June!

Visit the Rockfish Website for more info or to find your nearest venue

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