Pipers Farm delivers a meat box worth the workout

Packed full of slow-reared, properly free range and grass-fed meat, Pipers Farm’s Fitness Box has been carefully curated by the Devon-based online butcher to help fitness enthusiasts build nutritious, lean and high protein feasts in a flash. Free from chemicals and preservatives, each portion of meat is produced in harmony with nature, allowing those following a strict exercise regime or adhering to a high protein or Paleo diet to nourish the whole family while also nurturing a little corner of the great British countryside.

Properly Free Range Chicken Stir Fry David Griffen

With amino acid, vitamin and mineral-rich Ox Liver, lean, natural and gluten free Chicken Burgers and ready-to-go Stir Fry among the 21 portions of pure natural meat inside the Fitness Box, runners, swimmers, gymgoers and rowers can top up on muscle building and repairing protein for under £3 per portion.

Letting nature take its course to allow all Pipers Farm animals to reach maturity in their own time and build up natural immunities without the need for antibiotics, founders, Peter and Henri Greig have been farming in this sustainable way for nearly three decades. Producing wholesome food for the whole family to enjoy, all Pipers Farm meat is delivered with real life in mind, from the challenges of serving up healthy suppers on a nightly basis to maintaining the land so it can be trampled, grazed and snaffled for generations to come.

Pipers Farm’s Fitness Box contains four Red Ruby ‘Everyday’ Steaks, four Properly Free Range Chicken Breasts, four Properly Free Range Gluten Free Chicken Burgers, four Red Ruby Gluten Free Steak Burgers, a 500g Red Ruby Beef Stir Fry, a 500g Properly Free Range Chicken Stir Fry and a 250g Red Ruby Beef Ox Liver. The Fitness Box costs £55 and is available from the online butcher for next day delivery across the UK and beyond at pipersfarm.com.

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