REVIEW: eat the bird, Taunton

I am clicking my ‘review knuckles’ because I now realise that I haven’t actually written a review for a good while.  Now and again we get the urge to visit another part of the region, and it was on this occasion that we were in full ‘treat ourselves’ mode as we were mooching around Taunton. We were hungry, so now what?

My fellow foodie chums had extolled the virtues of a new restaurant that had opened recently in Taunton.  We had seen some lush looking dishes on their Instagram and also on the feed of my good friend and local Devon food photographer, Nick Hook (please take in the splendour of his IG feed because it is something to behold).  I was completely ensnared by the idea of a restaurant that specialised in chicken burgers.

‘eat the bird’ sits on the bank of the River Tone, a stone’s throw away from the Brewhouse Arts Centre.  As riversides go, Taunton does its best to make a boring river look attractive, it has a pathway so you can walk along and admire the gentle undulation of the ducks as they mill around in ever decreasing circles. This spot definitely has ‘beer in summer after work’ credit…

It looks like the centre of any other large English town but if one steps through the unassuming doors of this restaurant, one enters into something quite unlike any other.IMG_20180730_184933

It might be that I haven’t been to a reasonably priced restaurant that serves primarily chicken burgers before, but I am totally hooked.

So here is one of many things that makes ‘eat the bird’ worthy of this slightly gushy review.  It is reasonably priced, most expensive burger on their burger menu is £9.75 which in the world of burger restaurants is very reasonable.  Drinks are averagely priced, and then there is a range of non-burger options such as wings, wraps, dirty fries etc.

Another thing is the fact they clearly have a sense of humour.  The burger names, the item on the sides called ‘My Partner Is Not Hungry Extra’ because ultimately, they know that we’ve all been there before…

I opted for the Holy Cluck, a burger that celebrated the wonder of Brie, Bacon and Chicken.  The chicken in both our burgers was tender and moist, the burgers were not overloaded but created with care.

2018-07-30 07.20.24 1

Tori went for the Proper Filth, a burger with gigantic onion ring and a spicy sauce which had a gentle sweet burn, not too overpowering at all.

We accompanied the meal with Louisiana Dirty Fries and a complimentary dose of extra cheese sauce.  Get the extra cheese sauce, in fact if you can afford to bathe in this cheese sauce then even better…

This was all swigged down with a lovely pint of Tarka Ale from the wonderful Otter Brewery.

2018-07-30 07.21.26 1

For two of us, with the dirty fries, burgers and drinks came to a nicely rounded off £29.95 and of course the tip – all through our meal the service was attentive, polite and quick.

I’d say eat the bird is worth a trip. But if you’re in Taunton and in need of a pitstop then, get the cluck down to my new favourite restaurant in Somerset.

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