Restaurant Review: Fat Cow Burgers, Torquay by Chris Gower

In previous posts on this blog, I’ve extolled my love for Torquay and the rabbit warren of roads and streets that entangle the surrounding villages into the large urban conglomerate that is Torbay.  There is an eclectic range of independent restaurants, funny little shops, and a really vibrant dining scene.  Two Exeter favourites – Meat 59 and Brody’s – started off in Torquay both graduating to Exeter, bringing their individuality and independence.


I am seriously hoping that Fat Cow Burgers end up in Exeter because when someone is doing something good, I want it to miraculously appear five minutes from my door for purely selfish reasons.  But if you’re in Torquay, get yourself down to the Harbourside.

Caribbean as a cuisine is incredibly accepting, diverse, zingly and soulful and this is translated into the menu at Fat Cow Burgers.  The menu is a traditional burger restaurant format, with sides being separate and the burgers ranging in price from £5.95 to £11.95 with plenty of choice in between.  They do cocktails and shakes too, and all of it with a wonderful Caribbean twist.


The decor is an attractive weave of Bob Marley, seaside, burnt and polished woods, combined with lots of colour.  It wasn’t overpowering, just a nice convivial place to meet with friends or a spot to enjoy time watching people – the views across the harbour are amazing.

We came down as part of a little trip to celebrate our anniversary – so some cocktails were definitely on the cards!  Between us, we had a Mai Tai and a Pina Colada.  I might have had two… did it go to my head? yes. Yes, it did…



When you visit (you absolutely have to…) don’t forget the Snacks.  We snuck in some Jerk’d Olives £2.95 and Cajun halloumi fries with jerk mayo £3.95.  The olives proved a first for Tori who had her first Kalamata olive coated in a fruity jerk sauce with oil which gave the olives a jerky kick.  And I can say, thanks to Fat Cow, Tori ate and enjoyed a Kalamata olive! *my work here is done*


The halloumi fries were cheesy, salty and had a silky texture with that crispy outside that danced along with the jalapenos and the cheesiness.  If I pass The Fat Cow again soon I might try and get some to take away, or pop in just for these – they are hard to get right, but these were just pretty much perfect.

Burgers are a big part of the menu, it is very much the main show, but there are a few other options for those who don’t feel like burgers.  There is also a Vegetarian and Vegan menu which is smaller but just as attractive as the main one.


I like cheese and burgers, so I decided to go for The Double Cheesy Cow £9.95 (Double beef patty, double Swiss cheese, onion ketchup, French’s mustard, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles) with Tori upping the burger game to The Kingston Town £8.95 (Jerk’d beef patty, bacon, Swiss cheese, avocado, hash, onion ketchup, jerk mayo, French’s mustard, lettuce, red onion, pickles) and to accompany this a big portion of Trini Fries £5.95 (Sweet potato fries topped with curried lamb & peas, feta).


The Double Cheesy Cow was a delicious traditional gourmet burger with two BIG patties and a whole explosion of taste between the buns (which can be Gluten Free upon request).  The meat had a good taste to it, it wasn’t cooked beyond existence and had a little bit of pink in the middle, but only a little bit. Nicely done!

Tori’s burger was a diverse and interesting creation which went down well from her side of the table.  I did have bacon envy though, really bad bacon envy.  But I did reconcile myself with the fact that I had more burger then she did.


The Trinni Fries were a savoury mountain of sweet potato fries, topped with curried lamb & peas and feta.  We were advised to only go for these, as the portion was big, and yes, it was a big ol’ portion!


Fat Cow Burgers is definitely doing something different with burgers.  The gourmet burger has become part of the modern British dining landscape, so to find somewhere that is taking this safe familiar format and zinging it up with some soulful Caribbean zazz is exciting.

The portions are generous, the service is friendly and attentive and the views across Torquay Harbour make this a restaurant on some prime views.  Go for the cocktails, the Caribbean soul and colourful interiors – a very unique burger restaurant doing something really well


This was a hosted review: the opinions expressed were not influenced by the restaurant.

16 VICTORIA PARADE  TORQUAY  TQ1 2BB – 01803 211075

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