Interview: 10 Questions for Chef Luke Fearon of Devon Food Movement

Founder of Devon Food Movement, Chef Luke Fearon

Tomorrow at Ashridge Court Farm, Dining Devon (Lauren) will be experiencing a culmination of culinary talent as part of the first BIG COLLABORATION.  Chef Luke Fearon brings together some of the finest local culinary talents in one beautiful location.  There are still some last minute tickets, so get them whilst you can!

“Devon Food Movement is working in partnership with Ashridge Court to bring our first BIG COLLABORATION event to fruition. This collaboration will feature many local artisans and seven of the South West’s best chefs. The evening will start with a canape and drinks reception sponsored by a local winery, Eastcott Vineyard and event caters, Saute & Spice. This will be followed by a short stroll to the Ashridge Great Barn through the arboretum, where guests shall enjoy an 8-course journey menu that will allow them to taste some of the best, hyper-local food around.

Chefs to include; Tom Browning, Lewtrenchard Manor, Lewdown; Samuel Brookes, Paschoe House, near Crediton; Olivier Certain, The Swann, Bampton; James Mason, Kentisbury Grange, near Barnstable; Ethan Clarke, The Salutation Inn, Topsham; Jamie Coleman, The Notley Arms, Exmoor; Luke Fearon, Founding chef, Devon Food Movement

7pm start and a ticket for the evening will cost just £35 with drinks being poured from 6pm. Booking for this event will be essential and all bookings should be directed to 07562260052 or” –

This won’t be the first time we’ve attended one of Luke’s events – Read our review of Devon Food Movement’s event at Sandford Orchard’s Secret Cider Society.
I was really taken with by Luke’s passion for bringing local and his great appreciation for finding ingredients and producing food from such a small location.  Devon Food Movement is one to keep an eye on for foodies across the county.

We caught up with him for 10 Questions and thanks to Luke for answering them in between preparing for events!

1. Every story has a beginning, what was the inspiration behind The Devon Food
DFM has been an idea that has been bubbling away for a few years now. I personally, love using the best local food in my cooking and I know lots of other people feel the same. With an area so rich in great produce it just makes good sense and when the time came for me to take a break from the day job I just thought let’s do this…

2. Part of the DFM is the Five Mile Challenge, could you explain what this is?
Sure. It’s a simple challenge with a complicated process really. We produce journey menus at each of our events (small plated, set menus) to highlight prime local ingredients with seasonal nods. At each of my event, I collaborate with the team on site to find these prime, seasonal ingredients from within five miles (as the crow flies) from their doorstep. It helps us look closer to home and stops DFM collaborators getting lazy.

black pudding, Secret Cider Society, Devon Food Movement, Luke Fearon

3. Is it hard to source ingredients from such a small area?
It’s not always easy but I’m blessed that Devon has such a rich and varied countryside and coastline. It could be harder.

4. Devon is full of amazing produce and ingredients, do you have any particular favourites you like to use?
At the moment, I am personally using a lot of wild food in my cooking and right now its Cep-tastic.

5. What can diners expect at a Devon Food Movement pop-up event?
A unique take on the food from their area.

6. We really enjoyed your event at The Sandford Orchard’s Secret Cider society event, has there been a particular DFM pop-up that you’ve particularly enjoyed?
Personally, I love them all and we have had some big venue names already. I do have a favourite little pub in North Devon called The Globe Inn. It’s not so much the event that’s a winner but the people.

Devon Food Movement, Luke Fearon, Five Mile Challenge, Sandford Orchards

7. Slightly off-piste question, but to any young chefs who might be reading this interview, what advice would you give to someone just starting their career?
Remember to stay hydrated…oh and use sunblock.

8. Do you have anyone in your career who particularly inspired you when you first started?
Lots but the list are too long. The great thing about cooking is that there is always somebody new to look up to. For me, it’s not always other chefs now. I take inspiration from lots of different crafts and cultures.

P1010168 (1)
Chef Luke Fearon and Ben Godiff


9. What does the future hold for The Devon Food Movement? Might we see a more permanent base at some point?
DFM will always remain a pop-up based around collaboration. I hope it will include more chefs next year and we can continue to grow as a platform for the expression of local food. I am, however, looking for a permanent place to build a team and deliver my take on hospitality more regularly.

10. Finally, cream or jam first?
It has to be cream!

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