NEWS: 2018 Promises to be a Great English Wine Vintage as Sharpham Release Their First Wine Using the 2018 Grapes

This year in the UK, and specifically South Devon, the weather conditions have been perfect for a bumper and high-quality wine harvest. Thanks to the “Beast from the East” and one of the hottest and driest early summers on record, wine makers in the UK are looking forward to a vintage to remember.

Sharpham Wine & Cheese, based on the banks of the River Dart near Totnes in South Devon, have just launched their New Release 2018, the first wine to be bottled using this year’s grapes.  Customers and winemakers are salivating at the prospect!


Duncan Schwab, Sharpham Wine & Cheese’s Head Winemaker, said “I’m sitting in the office overlooking the winery with a smile on my face and with my back reminding me of the fantastic 2018 harvest!  In short, it is the best vintage I have experienced in terms of fruit quantity coupled with fruit quality since my first vintage in the UK wine industry 33 years ago.  We are all very excited about how the wines are already tasting and our recently bottled New Release from this year’s vintage is a great example of how amazingly fruity and ripe the wines are.”

The New Release is a young and fresh wine which goes from vine to bottle in just six weeks. It is one of just a handful of English alternatives to the Beaujolais Nouveau – and the hint of residual sugar allows for early drinking with or without food.

Mark Sharman, Managing Director of Sharpham Wine & Cheese, went on to say “Harvest 2018 has been my 31st here at Sharpham and it has been the most incredible pleasure to work through. We have had other great years, but this year was just exceptional all the way from bud burst to picking. Harvesting started a full month earlier than those first vintages in the 1980’s and the New Release is a preview of what is to come from the 2018 vintage. This young, fresh wine is very special, with clean fruit aromas, intensity of flavour, perfect balance and a lingering mouth-watering finish. This wine has all the 2018 summer sunshine captured in a glass.”


Made with Madeleine Angevine and Bacchus grapes grown on the banks of the River Dart just downriver from Totnes in South Devon, the New Release, like all Sharpham wines, is vegan not just vegetarian and contains no animal derived products at all.  With more and more people asking about whether their wines are vegan, this is the first Sharpham wine to include the Vegan logo on the label.

The New Release is also the first of their wines to display the new Sharpham Wine and Cheese branding, developed with the help and guidance of White Space in Ashburton. Paul Mabin, White Space’s Creative Director said “It was clear that the new style and branding needed to be clean and professional to reflect the high quality of the Sharpham wines. Many people had heard of Sharpham Wine but were unaware of the fact that they win many awards, including internationally.” Sharpham Wine & Cheese will be revealing their new branding over the next 12 months as each new wine is bottled and labelled.


As well as being a great year for the wine harvest, the long dry summer also led many more people to visit UK vineyards. Sharpham has seen record numbers for their wine and cheese tasting tours (extending long into the winter) and this has also led to a greater awareness of the growth of the English Wine trade and the merit of Sharpham wines in particular.

About Sharpham Wine & Cheese

Sharpham Wine & Cheese is an award-winning vineyard, winery and dairy located on the Sharpham Estate, just outside Ashprington, near Totnes in South Devon. Having been at the forefront of the English Wine industry for nearly 40 years, Sharpham regularly scoop local, national and international awards for their white, rosé, red and sparkling wines, as well as their hand-made cheeses. They also offer wine and cheese tasting tours, giving people information about the making processes and a chance to taste their fantastic range of products, as well as to enjoy one of the best vineyard locations in the UK.

Visit Sharpham on their social platforms:

Website       Instagram      Twitter       Facebook


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