Pub Review: The Black River Inn, Black Torrington, by Sue Stoneman

If you crave a visit to a ‘proper village pub’ and you fancy a little drive into the beautiful Devon countryside of an evening for dinner, The Black River Inn may be just the sort of place for you. Previously called The Torridge Inn, the new owners Gill & Alex took ownership early last Summer, refurbished it and renamed it – with reference to the River Torridge running over the black stones on the bottom of the river bed nearby.dsc_0018.jpg

The Black River Inn is about a 40 minute car ride from Exeter, heading out on the A30, turning off towards Holsworthy. It’s best to put the postcode into your Sat Nav as Beaworthy itself covers a large area and this will take you straight to the Inn. There is a small car park to the side, adjacent to the beer garden which has some fantastic views over the moors. Heading in through the front door, it was great to see people at the bar having a drink and diners at tables already tucking into food.


The menu has a lot of choice considering it’s a pub in a small village, so there will be something for everyone, fish, meat, game and plenty of dishes for the non-meat eaters too. Remember to check out the Specials Board. Using locally sourced produce from the South West, the chef enjoys creating a tempting range of dishes and at a glance, they all look exciting.

We enjoyed nibbling on freshly baked bread whilst we perused the menu. For starters, I chose Duck, which was a lightly smoked piece of breast, cooked so it was still pink in the middle and with a crispy skin. It was beautifully tender the creamy risotto went really well with it. My dining buddy (Mr S) had the ham hock, which was a coarse pate served with a tasty homemade piccalilli and a lovely green salad with fresh peas. We both mopped our plates with the rest of the bread.

I had Guinea Fowl for my main; this was a really tasty plate of food, a fairly large breast with crispy golden skin and a lovely leg to nibble on with a rich sauce. I loved the little pieces of bacon, potatoes, broad beans, peas and little onions which added texture and colour to the dish. Mr S chose the lamb dish as we don’t often cook lamb at home. He particularly enjoyed the tender pieces of breast, loin and liver with the creamed potatoes, celeriac and fresh asparagus.

With room for dessert, just, I had the ginger mousse with poached rhubarb which was very creamy. Mr S chose the Tonka Bean and Passion Fruit Cheesecake with mango sorbet from the specials board. He really enjoyed that, in fact there were several other desserts we both fancied eating. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, then the large cheese selection would appeal to you.

The Inn has a lovely atmosphere. and you’ll be sure of a warm welcome when you visit. We loved the whole dining experience. The food that comes out of the kitchen is really quite delicious. It is posh pub food and a lot of thought has gone into the creating and presentation of each dish.  It has a real community feel about the Inn, with events organised throughout the year.  Next is a Beer Festival on Sunday 26th May – Bank Holiday weekend.  Check out the website for further information.  We’ll be back as our cousins live 5 minutes away and we now know where the Black River Inn is!

The Black River Inn,

Broad Street, Black Torrington, Beaworthy, Devon EX21 5PT

Telephone: 01409 231888

Website           Facebook           Instagram           Twitter

The meal provided in this review was gratis. Views expressed are independent of the business and is not seen or approved before publication.

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