Sunday Lunch Review: Hotel Du Vin & Bistro, Exeter – by Lauren Heath

Do you love Sunday Lunch? Of course you do!

Do you want have lots of choice and/or please lots of people with different options? Yup!

Et voila! Queue Hotel Du Vin & Bistro and their Sunday Lunch menu. Every Sunday, from 12:30 until 4pm and at a fantastic set price, you are encouraged to  “Help yourself to four delicious courses. Take your time. Take all afternoon if you’d like to.”  How can you resist?

On a bright Sunday we ventured out, with a wintry nip in the air, with anticipation of being warmed up in the glass-fronted Bistro. Yes HDV is a chain, but on my many visits for blogging and otherwise, I have found their service and attention to detail to be very personal. They have a well-established team who have been here for a few years now, and they strive to be part of the city’s culture, and look after everyone who walks through their doors, be it for business events, private dining, a spa experience or just a coffee. I have confidence that every visit will be a good one, and that’s really important when spending that hard earned cash.


Their Sunday offering is a generous one, bring your stretchy pants! 4 courses await you…

To start: soup; a belly warmer, appetite wakener, cosy and warm, relaxes you ready for what’s coming next….

2nd course – ‘French Market Table’ (buffet to you and me).


A table of bounty; fresh artisan breads, meat and fish pâtés, bowls of caressed and dressed vegetables and salads, scotch eggs and sausage rolls, smoked salmon and prawns, and  a selection of charcuterie.

All delicious – I adored the grilled asparagus in a hollandaise drizzle with fried halloumi. The breads were wonderful too – it’s quite an offering and perfect for someone like me who likes everything and finds it hard to choose one item off the menu.

3rd course – the main event. Instead of just roast options, there are also some other mains to choose from including steak frites, fish of the day, and vegetarian options too. You’ll be pleased to know Hotel Du Vin have a dedicated vegan menu too – don’t be afraid to ask them how they can cater for you.

We opted for ‘roast du vin’ – roast sirloin of beef and the corn fed chicken with all the trimmings and proper Yorkshires, plus the ‘pie du jour’ which was chicken and mushroom.

Lovely succulent portions of meat with crispy roast potatoes, a selection of veg and handsome yorkshire puds – not just served with the beef either.

The chicken and mushroom pie wasn’t quite what I expected but was really delicious nonetheless; it came in a cast iron dish, topped with crushed potatoes, not a flake of pastry in sight (cue sad face). I really fancied a bit of pastry, and also some roast potatoes, so didn’t feel the need for the crushed ones on top. The filling was scrummy though! Creamy sauce encompassing plenty of chicken, bacon, button mushrooms and onions.


4th and final course (are you full yet?) Even if you are, indulge yourself. With classic French puds on offer we opted for the chocolate mousse and creme brulee. They are generous in size and we shared them between us.


A few hours had passed by and before rolling out into the fresh air once more and bidding au revoir, we people watched, appreciating the mix of clientele in the room, who had added a good buzz to our lunch experience. Couples, some ladies who lunch, a large family birthday celebration with three generations – all enjoying what Hotel Du Vin and Bistro has to offer.

Make sure you book – it’s pretty popular, and well worth a visit!

Hotel Du Vin Exeter, Magdalen Street, Exeter EX2 4HY

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The meal provided in this review was gratis. Views expressed are independent of the business and is not seen or approved before publication.

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