Casual Dining: Shoreline, Paignton by Lauren Heath

The seafront of Paignton is awash with activity most of the year; but even in the winter, the thrill of the wild sea and flashing lights of Paignton pier draw us Devonian locals in, well after the tourists have been and gone.

There’s the obvious cinema building, with play park to one side and crazy golf on the other providing entertainment for families. All of this activity and fresh air can make you hungry! So where better to head to than a venue where you can still enjoy every inch of that sea view, but feel cocooned in the winter, and sit balcony side in the summer (or escape the heat indoors if the summer is being kind)?

Enter ‘Shoreline’; to the rear of the cinema complex, with seafront parking below for ease, is a cantilevered building that perhaps shows the signs of many seaside buildings battered by mother nature. But make your way upstairs and you’ll discover this glass box enjoys incredible uninterrupted views across the sea. In fact, not just sea views – you can see the horizon thanks to it’s full on glass frontage, and even on day where mother nature couldn’t decide, you can enjoy ‘four seasons in one day’.

Casual dining at it’s best, with simple decor allowing the gorgeous scenery to do the talking. Tables all round the glass perimeter and a higher central ‘island’ level to ensure wherever you sit you haven’t got a fellow customer blocking your view. A few sea-blue comfy sofas for those wishing to sit back and relax with their coffee and cake.

Perusing the menu whilst enjoying the view at Shoreline, Paignton

Husband and wife team, Phil and Helen, have been privileged to ‘own’ this view for well over a decade. Welcoming everyone to Shoreline, including children and well behaved dogs (with their owners on leads of course), the venue has recently invested heavily in an Italian pizza oven. Helen even went to Italy to learn how to make great pizzas ahead of their oven’s delivery.

We make dough daily and prove for a minimum of 72 hours the result is “our dough” and you won’t find it anywhere else.  Whilst we love local, for our dough we use fantastic Italian flour & Olive oil.

They also serve homemade burgers served, as well as brunch, hot drinks and cakes, amongst other things.

We dived into the pizzas of course, as well as the chicken burger. The French pizza (Trois fromage: Mozzarella, Brie & Roquefort) that our 9 year old son chose was incredible; the roquefort gave a tangy umami flavour to this unctuous pizza, with the addition of pepperoni to add a meaty dimension. The Mediterranean (peppers, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and red onion) was incredibly tasty thanks to the full bodied tomato sauce base and tangy sun dried tomatoes, with an additional topping of parma ham for good measure.

The French Pizza

The Texan chicken burger was moist and handsome, topped with BBQ sauce and monterey jack cheese served in a light and tasty pretzel bun. We couldn’t resist adding a side of calamari, it’s simple but needs to be cooked just right or it’s ruined – it was fresh, crunchy and without a drop of grease in sight.

We thought we would either not manage to eat the whole lot, or once devoured we would feel heavy, but the dough was fantastic. It was crispy on the edges, with evident air pockets as you’d expect in a well proved dough. The light base of the pizza, drooped towards the middle (in a good way) from the generous cheese and toppings. They were utterly scrumptious and moreish.

We just about had enough space for a bit of dessert pizza – yes you read right – pizzas for dessert! Made out of a brioche dough, and topped with either lemon curd and raspberries or boozy orange and chocolate, these are smaller than the main pizzas but are perfecting for sharing as you don’t need too much of these sweet treats.

Dessert pizzas give a delicious sweet end to a sumptuous savoury lunch

Vegan or gluten free? You too can get a pizza the action! (get it?). After Helen bought in gluten free bases but realised they weren’t great for customers due to the cost and smaller sizes, she worked hard to make her own gluten free dough. Vegetarian pizzas can have vegan cheese and away you go!

Great coffee and a pint of local Bay’s Brewery finished off our lunch quite nicely. And then there’s the view (sorry to repeat myself) – I honestly don’t know many places with such a priceless view, who don’t overcharge because of it. The menu has plenty of options for young and old, and is well priced. They even make burger shaped dog friendly treats!

So next time you are on the seafront, tired and chilly from a round of crazy golf, dazzled by the lights of the arcade, or even hot from the summer sun and need to escape for a bite to eat or even just a drink – pop up to Shoreline where you can feed all the senses, whilst supporting a passionate and welcoming independent eatery.

A view worth framing

Shoreline, Eastern Esplanade, Paignton Seafront, TQ4 6AG

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Shoreline lit up at dusk

The meal provided in this review was gratis. Views expressed are independent of the business and is not seen or approved before publication.

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