Support your local eateries and foodie businesses

The last two weeks has been quite unprecedented. The world is facing a pandemic unlike anything else we have seen in living memory, and businesses across the UK are trying to work out how to stay afloat in the midst of vague communications from the government.

From our visit to Ashburton Cookery School

From the 20th March, the government announced it was throwing money at businesses to keep them afloat, but the mechanics and processes of this system are still being put together. Nothing is certain.

Over the last nine years, we’ve written about, and worked with, a variety of restaurants and pubs that have been driven by passionated and talented individuals but I am truly worried that many of our fantastic hospitality & foodie businesses across the region will be disappearing, with disastrous effects on the local economy.

The team at Dining Devon have two messages to deliver to our readers.

To diners:

Please, if you can, support local pubs and restaurants, farm shops and cafes. Many are innovating and providing a take-away service with delivery, others are using systems like Deliveroo or Uber Eats. If you can, please take advantage of services being offered.

From our visit to The Oddfellows in Exeter, a superb independent gastro pub

I hope in coming weeks that restaurants who are able to provide a delivery service will appear on the blog, so stay connected to the blog and our social media for more information.

And naturally, please follow government advice guidelines if you are showing symptoms. Don’t put anyone at further risk!

To the various eateries and foodie businesses:

We want to help you as much as possible. We want to spread the message quickly. We’ll do our best to share and retweet posts on social media, and if you have anything you wish to post on our blog, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Please contact if you have information/press releases/menus that you can send us.

Good luck.

Food Mag have started a Daily Briefing which will give daily information on the different things that hospitality and foodie businesses are doing in these difficult times.

If you want to show your support our hospitality industry, we’ve created a couple of social media images and a banner for you to post on social media. Thannks to Yvan at The Oddfellows Exeter for letting us use one of the images from the review that we wrote in summer

Dropbox link – Show support for the UK hospitality industry

Best wishes,

Chris, Lauren and Sue

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