The Oddfellows to deliver it’s Sunday roast 6 days a week!

In response to the government announcement for the general public to avoid pubs, clubs and theatres and now possible  enforced closures in the near future The Oddfellows will now go into the delivery business! The Oddfellows is renowned and highly regarded for its epic Sunday roast and what better way to reach it’s many customers during the current Coronavirus pandemic  that to deliver it, but not only on Sundays but 6 days a week!

“There is never a bad time to have a roast” says Faye Williams, Co – owner of The Oddfellows with her husband Yvan Williams, “And during this time of worry we wanted to bring a ray of sunshine if we are to face a prolonged period of social distancing or even having to stay in our homes”

The award winning Oddfellows will offer their Sunday roast menu on Deliveroo Tuesday to Sundays 12 noon to 10pm and are looking into a delivery system for the area that Deliveroo don’t cover (check our Facebook page for updates). “We are providing a service that will hopefully boost the cities’ mood during this very strange time and also for those who may be caring for sick family and may not have time to cook nourishing meals.” said Faye.

The veg range will change every week and they will be offering a choice of west country and free range meats, a superb veggie roast and vegan roast also. They also cater for those with intolerances and dietary requirements. 

If that all wasn’t the best news ever then it gets better… The Oddfellows will also be selling beer, wine and even cocktails for delivery with your roast. 2 pint take outs, a Bloody Mary, bottles of wine and cocktails ready to poor over ice will certainly cheer us all considerably and supporting our local independents during this dire time is definitely the way to go if we want them to still be there when this blows over. Why not order simultaneously and enjoy a roast and a beer with local friends or family via FaceTime.  

Call us on 01392 209050 

The Oddfellows on Facebook

The Oddfellows on Twitter

The Oddfellows on Instagram


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