SPECIAL DISPATCH: Tweakd – Healthy meals tailored for you #ad

This is a bit off-piste for Dining Devon, but it is a cause close to my heart and something I think we’re all striving to do. I am certainly aware of my personal limitations when it comes to things like running for things, like buses or away from other things, like zombies.

If the end of the world came, I would be at a distinct disadvantage if running was involved.

I am definitely not as fit as I could be, and I have pledged to become fitter. One part of this is eating balanced and nutritious meals, and I think there is a company that really has tasty healthy eating nailed.

Eating better, physical fitness and the unrelenting slog of ‘daily life’ are things that press on my mind, and anyway of making this easier is certainly something I’d relish.

A little while back, I was contacted by Tweakd who are a meal service who are were reaching out to see if I would be interested in trying something a little different. And with health & fitness on my mind, this caught my interest.

Tweakd is perfect for those who exercise and take their health seriously, and I can see it being something that would be attractive to those like me, who are making effort to improve their health and start taking exercising seriously. The meals are created together with scientists and nutritionists, making sure you get a meal that is created to benefit you and your circumstances.

Depending on what your goals are will depend on what sort of plan you subscribe to. There are different goals that you can use Tweakd meals & juices to achieve – muscle, immunity, endurance, low calorie or recovery. They’re delivered to you each week in cold packaging ready to go in to the microwave or oven. Super fast, super easy. Just make sure you have space in your freezer!

I went for the Sri Lankan Chicken curry, because I love curry and a healthy curry that tastes nice, is often hard to achieve. Spoiler alert: it was flavourful and aromatic. The chicken was moist, it felt like a really well balanced meal. Unfortunately my delicate food plating skills were no match for spooning it out and plonking it on the plate.

Appearing on Coaching Magazines ‘Top healthy meal delivery services’, their head chef Omar Meziane is a classically trained chef who has cooked for some of the biggest names in sport. He founded the company with Michael Naylor, a sports nutritionist who is bringing the experience of his work with elite sportspeople to a company that wants to help you along your nutrition journey.

Three meals and cold-pressed juices for £29.95, 4 for £38.95 or 5 for £47.50. No tie-in. Change and cancel whenever.

Want more information?

Visit: www.tweakd.uk for more information. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn

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