Killerton Kitchen Restaurant, Broadclyst, Exeter (5/5)

It isn’t often that I leave a restaurant, tea-room or any other place that serves cream teas saying how nice the scones were.  In my life, I have spent a happy 32 years in Devon and despite this my exposure to Cream Teas (Cream first…) has been quite minimal.  But Killerton Kitchen, a small tea-room/cafe that sits at the back of Killerton House nr Broadclyst, … Continue reading Killerton Kitchen Restaurant, Broadclyst, Exeter (5/5)

Darkhorse Espresso, 135 Magdalen Road, Exeter

This isn’t a rated review as I was passing this funky little cafe and thought I would pop in and say hi. Over the last ten years or so, St Leonards has become a desirable affluent part of Exeter that attracts money and prestige.  Where the borders of St Leonards end and the beginning of other bits of Exeter lie is a bit of a … Continue reading Darkhorse Espresso, 135 Magdalen Road, Exeter

Ruby Modern Diner, 74 Queen St

Back in January, I was invited to attend the press night of a new restaurant in Queen St.  It was called Ruby Modern Diner and I was very excited.  I went away from the night with a great sense of anticipation at what I reckoned was going to be a fantastic restaurant.  So I jumped at the invitation to come down and sample some of … Continue reading Ruby Modern Diner, 74 Queen St

The Farmer’s Union, Clock Tower

Sundays are usually the worst time to even consider going out for food, especially if you are as anti-social as I am.. It is normally the same time that everyone else tries to go out, and as a result you end up having to fight for tables and waitress attention, moreso, than any other time of the week. But this day was different.  We were … Continue reading The Farmer’s Union, Clock Tower

Exeter University Farmer’s Market: A little gem.

Every so often (dates listed here) Exeter University holds a Farmer’s Market on the Forum Piazza which is just outside The Forum oddly enough and the Northcott Theatre.  The latest redevelopment of this area means that there is a central place to hold such events, and the large wide space of the piazza means that it can accomodate a large gathering of bodies with room to … Continue reading Exeter University Farmer’s Market: A little gem.

Coffee #1, Princesshay

Last week I went to Coffee #1 again which is situated at the back of Princesshay on Roman Walk.  A small chain of coffee shops across the West Country and Wales (28 to be exact), it specialises serving ethical and gourmet coffee and has been awarded Best Coffee Chain in the UK for the last four years running.  It is THE benchmark to aim to … Continue reading Coffee #1, Princesshay

Bike Shed Theatre & Bar, Fore Street

Zion has over three years of experience as a writer and a journalist. Career highlights so far include interviewing Ethics Director at Lush Hilary Jones, contributing poetry to Musings to raise funds for Leche League, and working with co-founder of One Green Planet Nil Zacharias. Zion has also worked on the Eradicating Ecocide campaign. Follow Zion on Twitter, LinkedIn, or email her at The Bike Shed Café is no ordinary café. This … Continue reading Bike Shed Theatre & Bar, Fore Street

RAMM Cafe, Queen St

Exeter is an amazing city. Tea is also amazing. But there is something more amazing and that is finding something, expecting it to be great and then finding out it is and that you’re right.  And this is exactly how I have found the in-house cafe in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.  Knowing it was ran by Otterton Mill was a guarantee that this wasn’t going to … Continue reading RAMM Cafe, Queen St

Matford Diner, Marsh Barton Trading Estate

It has been a number of years since I have been to a ‘greasy spoon‘ type cafe.  What makes a  cafe a greasy spoon? Well I would say surroundings is a start.  Let’s Do Cafe in Fore Street, is my benchmark for these types of cafe.  Mostly because they do a damn good job at doing what they do, but also they are reasonably priced … Continue reading Matford Diner, Marsh Barton Trading Estate

Devon Coffee, Queen Street

Nudged between Subway and Cafe Nero in the upper part of Queen Street is a new independent cafe called Devon Coffee, opened four months ago with little fanfare or announcement. My first suspicion that something had changed, was a new hand painted pavement sign advertising Bacon Sandwiches for £3. So was this just another coffee shop trying to muscle in with the big boys? What made them different in … Continue reading Devon Coffee, Queen Street

Lloyds Cafe & Bistro, Catherine Street

If I was in to fluffing out my review titles with a tagline, I would say that it was ‘A little bit of London in Exeter‘.  The atmosphere, the bustle and professionalism of the service felt like something that was more akin to central London fine-dining than an Exeter cafe. Tori and I met some friends who we’d not met in person before on Saturday afternoon, the whole experience was … Continue reading Lloyds Cafe & Bistro, Catherine Street

Lets Do Cafe, Fore Street

This originally appeared on Gower The Gourmand on the 22nd July 2012 I have to admit that this post has been a little delayed, but the reputation of this place has stuck in my head as the benchmark for ‘how a cafe should be’. Lets Do Cafe has been in Fore St since 2001 and ever since it started, it has had an ethos that it only uses locally … Continue reading Lets Do Cafe, Fore Street

The Exploding Bakery, Queen Street

I originally started writing about The Exploding Bakery on my personal blog here. When I first realised that Juice Moose had been replaced by this intriguing establishment, I had to tell everyone and wrote a small article about it.  But I thought that a proper review on a proper website would do it justice, as it really deserves it!. The Exploding Bakery is, as a … Continue reading The Exploding Bakery, Queen Street

The Gandhi Indian Cuisine, Clock Tower

I’ll start this review with a fact.   A good curry is hard to find. Give me a place, and I genuinely ask you to comment on this review and tell me exactly where the best curries in Exeter are, because up to now I had not found one.  However I can safely say that the best curry you will find in Exeter at the … Continue reading The Gandhi Indian Cuisine, Clock Tower