Media Kit

You’ll more than likely be at this page because you wish to work with us to help gain exposure and traction for your establishment, event or brand.  Working with bloggers has numerous benefits including an active engaged audience and a wealth of passion in what they write about, and that is definitely the case for Eating Exeter, Dining Devon.

Price Structure for Eating Exeter , Dining Devon v3 (pdf)

Eating Exeter has been running since 2011 and is written by two passionate foodies, we are both excited to work with new faces and old, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you wish to take things further.  We’re so passionate we even took a selfie with Michael Caines MBE!  For more info about the blog, please head to the About page.


Blog posts can be from the following formats:

  • 10 Question Interview – Short snappy interview format done over email with photos provided by yourself
  • Review Meal – Objective advertorial with photo content taken by us.
  • Product Review – A review of your product that incorporates photos and a recipe
  • Featured – A brief introduction to your business with photos provided by yourself
  • Press realease – A pre-written article written by the client with photos/images provided by yourself.

All content that has been paid for will be expressly marked as ‘Sponsored Content’ or ‘Advertising Content’ – This is an ethical and moral requirement as well as a legal one.

Mileage is charged for visiting.  This includes review meals too at 0.50p a mile.

If you’ve been directed to this page to pay an invoice, you can do so on our Paypal Page