The Eating Exeter Coffee Marathon

In Exeter we do Coffee Shops really well.  Cafes, Coffee Houses, no matter what you call them, are everywhere and although we have a number of the standard bland depressing chain coffee shops, we also have a raft of excellent cafes that do something with coffee that you’re unlikely to find in Costalot or Starbucks. To celebrate this fact, I came up with The Eating … Continue reading The Eating Exeter Coffee Marathon

Circa 1924 presents Skandel@Circa1924

6 Northernhay Place, Exeter, EX4 3QJ  Tel: 01392 438545  Twitter: @circa1924 The end of the week is here, another rare day off for me on a day that is not a weekend! So what a better way to spend it by visiting Circa 1924 and indulging in a Coffee Marathon! That is for a later post, but we broke up our caffeine binge with a lunchtime treat. … Continue reading Circa 1924 presents Skandel@Circa1924

Breakfast at Harry’s Restaurant

86 Longbrook St, Exeter EX4 6AP  Tel: 01392 202234  Twitter:@HarrysExeter I don’t get out much.  For someone that writes a food blog, you’d think that I spend my days frequenting fine restaurants and hob-nobbing with the fooderati of Devon, but unfortunately I pay my bills, not via writing, but through a standard job that pays wages. It has nothing to do with food and given I … Continue reading Breakfast at Harry’s Restaurant

The Pig & Pallet, Topsham Quay by Lauren Heath

7 Strand, Topsham, Exeter EX3 0JB   Tel: 07920 527691  Twitter: @pigandpallet Earlier this year, we found ourselves child-free (don’t worry we hadn’t lost him – it was the blessing of holiday club) and decided to treat ourselves to a bit of brunch. Although we have a fairly well behaved and seasoned foodie version of a 5 year old son, eating sans enfant just adds a bit … Continue reading The Pig & Pallet, Topsham Quay by Lauren Heath

Comedy at The Oddfellows, Exmouth

If you fancy a laugh, and some great Eat The Smoke BBQ Street Food, then head down to The Oddfellows in Exmouth tomorrow night, where Yvan has organised a Comedy Night! Tickets are £5 per person, doors open at 7:00pm and the night kicks off at 8:30pm.  Available will be, not only the great food & drink that The Oddfellow’s serve, but also Eat The Smoke … Continue reading Comedy at The Oddfellows, Exmouth

New Pop-up Event! Introducing Pop-up Polsloe

Exeter beams with a foody vibe these days, and with the growing trend for Pop-up dining events, it is thrilling to introduce a new Pop-up dining event on to the scene. Presenting Pop-up Polsloe! “Pop-up Polsloe offers a unique alternative to restaurant dining but with flavours we hope can compete some of the best in the area. We will be “popping up” in various unusual venues … Continue reading New Pop-up Event! Introducing Pop-up Polsloe

10 Questions for Tara Smith from Tara’s Busy Kitchen

Tara Smith is a busy person.  She writes local food & lifestyle blog Tara’s Busy Kitchen, she teaches ballet, she also works at a big named salon AND she manages to go nice places whilst writing about her adventures and providing some awesome recipes too.  I’ve been a fan of the blog since she started it last year (I think I’ve been reading it since the summer) … Continue reading 10 Questions for Tara Smith from Tara’s Busy Kitchen

Top Three Eating Exeter moments from 2015

2015 has been a crazily busy year for Eating Exeter.  I wanted to sit down and write a month-by-month review of everything that happened.  But I quickly realised that I wouldn’t have time and there is too much…TOO MUCH to put in. I couldn’t say for sure if there was a particular favourite event or review, as that would be favoritism, so I have decided … Continue reading Top Three Eating Exeter moments from 2015

Eating Exeter Update – December

Hi foodie types, Christmas is very much upon us and with it comes the gluttony and great eating that inspires everyone to take up Yoga or running for their new year’s resolutions. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks with Tara’s Busy Kitchen Presents… and the Beer V Wine Event at The Pig & Pallet.  Next week is the climax of our culinary year with … Continue reading Eating Exeter Update – December

Beer vs. Wine at The Pig and Pallet, Topsham

It is an almost impossible question to answer. What is better with food? Beer or Wine? Throughout my culinary adventures I have often ignored wine.  I have had a few bad experiences at the hands of a box of wine, and although the occasional glass is acceptable, I made my mind up long ago that Beer was the only way forward.  One thing I learnt from … Continue reading Beer vs. Wine at The Pig and Pallet, Topsham

Cote Brasserie, Cathedral Green by Chris Gower

August 20th is our anniversary and this was the opportunity to go somewhere that had been recommended to us by more than one person. It definitely has a few fans by having a look at the feedback on Google and Facebook, including Latoyah at Sugar Pink Food. Cote Brasserie sits on the Exeter’s historic Cathedral Green within earshot of Michael Caines Abode and just a … Continue reading Cote Brasserie, Cathedral Green by Chris Gower

10 Questions: Jim Fisher from Exeter Cookery School

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the Exeter Cookery School.  Headed up by Jim and Lucy Fisher, they are bringing the glamour of the Dordogne to our lovely little city.  The school is due to kick off in the autumn from their base on the historic quayside.  The full press release is here, and our write … Continue reading 10 Questions: Jim Fisher from Exeter Cookery School

The TABAC Taphouse, Queen Street

In the ‘real world’ my job requires me to work opposite Exeter Central at the large unnamed successful award winning educational institution that lies opposite the station, so The TABAC wasn’t a huge surprise for me as I watched with sadness as Whistle Wines became an ‘online only’ company. But was delighted to hear that Hamish Lothian, owner of The Fat Pig et al. was … Continue reading The TABAC Taphouse, Queen Street

Deliveroo Arrives in Exeter

Now and again I get to work with some awesome companies and brands who I think will benefit diners in Exeter.  Recently I have been lucky to be able to work with two different companies who are looking to benefit dining in Exeter through a well thought out and genuine service. Like me, you might be partial to the odd take-away, a sneaky Burger King … Continue reading Deliveroo Arrives in Exeter

Artigiano launches Create Your Own Cocktail Event

Create your own signature cocktail with Artigiano’s resident mixologists for the perfect night out in Exeter.  Artigiano, Exeter’s premier High Street Espresso and Wine Bar, who already offer entertainment with jazz on a Monday night and Acoustic Music Sessions on a Thursday, are launching the first create-your-own cocktail making experience in Exeter – perfect for those social events with a twist. Created for groups of … Continue reading Artigiano launches Create Your Own Cocktail Event

Circa 1924, Exeter

When Harry’s Grill & Bar closed in Northernhay Place, it left available a prime spot for a restaurant. The inevitable march of Exeter’s chain restaurants had some worried that the site might be engulfed by some bland corporate named establishment… Enter stage left: James and Rob, founders of Circa 1924, a 1920’s inspired Steak and Seafood Restaurant that is raising the bar for casual-fine dining in … Continue reading Circa 1924, Exeter

Exeter Cookery School pre-launch event

We had the pleasure of attending the pre-launch event for the Exeter Cookery School, which is opening in the autumn.  The school is headed by husband and wife team Jim & Lucy Fisher who had previously ran a cookery school in France (CookinFrance) and have now returned to their roots and have established the Exeter Cookery School which will be situated on Exeter’s historic quayside. … Continue reading Exeter Cookery School pre-launch event

The Cosy Club, Southernhay (New Summer Menu)

When it opened two years ago, The Cosy Club really changed the playing field for chain restaurants in Exeter.  It was a new, quirky and it did some amazing cocktails.  You can read the original review here, its a little old so it is in need of an update. Entering through what had been the chapel entrance of the old hospital, you are presented with one … Continue reading The Cosy Club, Southernhay (New Summer Menu)

Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter

86 Longbrook St, Exeter EX4 6AP  Tel: 01392 202234  Twitter:@HarrysExeter Its not often that I get to review a restaurant that has such a legacy.  Whilst at work on the day of the review a couple of conversations I had with colleagues went along the lines of “What are you doing tonight?” “Going to Harry’s for something to eat…” “Oh I love Harry’s, its really nice, you’ll … Continue reading Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter