REVIEW: eat the bird, Taunton

I am clicking my ‘review knuckles’ because I now realise that I haven’t actually written a review for a good while.  Now and again we get the urge to visit another part of the region, and it was on this occasion that we were in full ‘treat ourselves’ mode as we were mooching around Taunton. We were hungry, so now what? My fellow foodie chums … Continue reading REVIEW: eat the bird, Taunton

Byron Burgers, Princesshay by Chris Gower

26 Bedford St, Princesshay, Exeter EX1 1GJ – T:@byronhamburgers 01392 433340 We visited Byron Burgers a couple of years ago when it first opened in Princesshay.  It was quite delightful; the burgers were meaty and the beer was crafty & beery. Byron Burgers is a name that many burger fans will recognise instantly as being a name synonymous with gourmet burgers and that subtle Americana. It … Continue reading Byron Burgers, Princesshay by Chris Gower

Five Guys, Queen Street

74 Queen Street, Exeter EX4 3RX – 01392 276744 As we waved goodbye to Ruby Burgers, muffled reports came in that there would be a large well known chain Burger restaurant moving in.  The doors closed and we waited with baited anticipation to discover who it was going to be.  MeatLIQUOR? Patty and Bun? Five Guys? Five Guys is like some sort of neon advertisement for … Continue reading Five Guys, Queen Street

Zita’s, Bartholomew Street

RIP Burgerfest.  Your existence in Exeter was short lived. Your burgers were nice, but your secret recipe was not overly transparent.  Your Sega room was liked, your ping pong table was novel but ultimately the demise of your parent company meant your service was short lived.  Although your value was great, your burgers were chargrilled, your beer kegs were terribly harsh on my sensitive derrier. … Continue reading Zita’s, Bartholomew Street

Burgerfest, Bartholomew St East

It is here, it has arrived.  It opened a few weeks ago and being the burger loving sort that I am, we just had to go down to Burgerfest which had just opened a few weeks ago on Bartholemhew St East (behind the old Mama Stones building).  Tori and myself were joined by our mate Lewis, owner and general all-round top bloke from OMG Comics … Continue reading Burgerfest, Bartholomew St East

‘What’s your beef’ Devon burger fans? New Urbanburger competition!

See your recipe served up on the menu at urbanburger, Exeter’s original burger restaurant Exeter’s original burger restaurant, urbanburger, is today launching the ‘What’s your beef?’ competition inviting people to create the ultimate burger and win a place on the menu. Recipes will be judged by a panel of food experts with the winning burger being included on urbanburger’s menu. In addition, to this accolade … Continue reading ‘What’s your beef’ Devon burger fans? New Urbanburger competition!

Rugby stars ultimate taste test of Exeter’s First Genuine American Smokin’ Menu

Exeter’s original gourmet burger restaurant has launched a smokin’ range – but only after local rugby stars tested out the new menu first. Famed for its gourmet burgers made with Devon beef from Greendale Farm, the Queen Street restaurant has today launched the Urban Smoke Shack. Beef, pork and chicken cooked in the newly imported American ‘smoker’ for up to 10 hours at a time, … Continue reading Rugby stars ultimate taste test of Exeter’s First Genuine American Smokin’ Menu