Recipe: Chocolate Brownies Recipe by Sue Stoneman

Everybody loves a Chocolate Brownie, well they do in my house! This is a lovely gooey chocolate brownie which I also cook on my BBQ.  Here’s the recipe for cooking them in your indoor oven. Ingredients 90g dark chocolate 150g unsalted butter 2 eggs 15g cocoa powder 125g plain flour 300g light brown soft sugar Half tsp baking powder 1 tsp vanilla extract Oven on … Continue reading Recipe: Chocolate Brownies Recipe by Sue Stoneman

10 Questions for Chococo

Photos courtesy of Chococo Exeter is fast becoming a foodie hub, attracting big named restaurants and retailers in to the city centre as well as homing some of the best independent restaurants in the region. A new addition to the family is Chococo who have made their home in Gandy St.  Being already a bit of a fan of Chococo after visiting their shop in … Continue reading 10 Questions for Chococo

Oaty White Chocolate Biscuits

Originally posted on Veget8:
My next foray in the the world of baking has been Oaty White Chocolate Biscuits. The recipe is courtesy of the BBC, and before you start thinking these will be anything like the ones you get in the supermarket, then think again.  They are more like White Chocolate flapjacks, crunchy and very sweet (depending on how much Golden Treacle you use),… Continue reading Oaty White Chocolate Biscuits