Zita’s, Bartholomew Street

RIP Burgerfest.  Your existence in Exeter was short lived. Your burgers were nice, but your secret recipe was not overly transparent.  Your Sega room was liked, your ping pong table was novel but ultimately the demise of your parent company meant your service was short lived.  Although your value was great, your burgers were chargrilled, your beer kegs were terribly harsh on my sensitive derrier. … Continue reading Zita’s, Bartholomew Street

Cuba Cantina, Gandy Street – now open!

Cuba Cantina is now open in Gandy Street, Exeter. Work has been going on solidly for a few weeks, and the restaurant finally opened on Thursday evening. I popped in to have a look and the decor is very colourful and rustic with a main restaurant area downstairs, and 3 rooms upstairs that are very relaxed, light and airy. The new restaurant is owned by … Continue reading Cuba Cantina, Gandy Street – now open!

Zizzi’s Restaurant, Gandy Street by Lauren Heath

Zizzi’s Restaurant, 21 GANDY STREET, EX4 3LS   Tel: 01392 274737 Over Christmas time, we visited Zizzi in Bristol whilst away on a family mini break. For a chain, we were suitably impressed by the food considering its mass appeal. We also found it spacious and well decorated with a cool vibe. We decided to give the Exeter one a go for our date night this month and although … Continue reading Zizzi’s Restaurant, Gandy Street by Lauren Heath

Breakfast at Harry’s Restaurant

86 Longbrook St, Exeter EX4 6AP  Tel: 01392 202234  Twitter:@HarrysExeter I don’t get out much.  For someone that writes a food blog, you’d think that I spend my days frequenting fine restaurants and hob-nobbing with the fooderati of Devon, but unfortunately I pay my bills, not via writing, but through a standard job that pays wages. It has nothing to do with food and given I … Continue reading Breakfast at Harry’s Restaurant

The Pig & Pallet, Topsham Quay by Lauren Heath

7 Strand, Topsham, Exeter EX3 0JB   Tel: 07920 527691  Twitter: @pigandpallet Earlier this year, we found ourselves child-free (don’t worry we hadn’t lost him – it was the blessing of holiday club) and decided to treat ourselves to a bit of brunch. Although we have a fairly well behaved and seasoned foodie version of a 5 year old son, eating sans enfant just adds a bit … Continue reading The Pig & Pallet, Topsham Quay by Lauren Heath

10 Questions with Tom Charman from KOMPAS

Forty years ago, eating out in a strange city was a bit of a gamble.  If you were lucky you would have a guide book, or newspapers to help you make a decision.  But most of the time you’d have to ask someone, maybe at the hotel or wander around before you found somewhere that looked nice.  Given that competition for custom wasn’t as intense … Continue reading 10 Questions with Tom Charman from KOMPAS

Top Three Eating Exeter moments from 2015

2015 has been a crazily busy year for Eating Exeter.  I wanted to sit down and write a month-by-month review of everything that happened.  But I quickly realised that I wouldn’t have time and there is too much…TOO MUCH to put in. I couldn’t say for sure if there was a particular favourite event or review, as that would be favoritism, so I have decided … Continue reading Top Three Eating Exeter moments from 2015

Kräftskiva at Circa 1924

So you are probably thinking – what is the connection between a 1920s, prohibition-inspired, restaurant and bar, and the humble crayfish? Well, the answer is Circa 1924’s head chef Lauri Hilli, whose Swedish roots have inspired the team to celebrate the tradition of Kräftskiva on Thursday 29th October, a feast of crayfish and schnapps, and its inviting Exeter residents to join them. Following the threat … Continue reading Kräftskiva at Circa 1924

Exeter Golf and Country Club: The Wear Park Restaurant

Exeter Golf and Country Club, Topsham Rd, Exeter, EX2 7AE 01392 874139 Lunch menu: One course (£9.95), two courses (£12.00) or three courses (£15.00) To a lot of Exonians (excluding the 4,500 members who currently pay money to use their lovely facilities) the Exeter Golf and Country Club is a little bit of a mystery.  Like me, most residents of Exeter have been here for … Continue reading Exeter Golf and Country Club: The Wear Park Restaurant

Exeter Cookery School: Day course on the 14th November at Sapphire Spaces

The first session from The Exeter Cookery School looks absolutely amazing! Saturday 14th November 2015 A hands-on cooking course with an autumnal flavour packed with cheffy tips, tricks and ideas designed to make cooking at home for family and friends easy and stress free. When: 9am-4pm on Saturday 14th November 2015 Where: Sapphire Spaces, Unit 3, Dart Business Park, Topsham, Devon, EX3 0QH Cost: £149 … Continue reading Exeter Cookery School: Day course on the 14th November at Sapphire Spaces

Burgerfest, Bartholomew St East

It is here, it has arrived.  It opened a few weeks ago and being the burger loving sort that I am, we just had to go down to Burgerfest which had just opened a few weeks ago on Bartholemhew St East (behind the old Mama Stones building).  Tori and myself were joined by our mate Lewis, owner and general all-round top bloke from OMG Comics … Continue reading Burgerfest, Bartholomew St East

Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter

86 Longbrook St, Exeter EX4 6AP  Tel: 01392 202234  Twitter:@HarrysExeter Its not often that I get to review a restaurant that has such a legacy.  Whilst at work on the day of the review a couple of conversations I had with colleagues went along the lines of “What are you doing tonight?” “Going to Harry’s for something to eat…” “Oh I love Harry’s, its really nice, you’ll … Continue reading Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter

The Red Deer, Crediton – (2/5)

Can I start this review by saying that I don’t have a vendetta against Marstons Inns.  I didn’t go in to the pub preparing to pick at the service or criticise the meal and the fact that they own The Waterloo Cross (where we had a disastrous meal last year) does not sway me in one direction or another. But I went in, willing to … Continue reading The Red Deer, Crediton – (2/5)

Ruby Modern Diner: The new menu

Ruby Modern Diner has been open for nearly as long as Eating Exeter has been running.  We hadn’t been writing the blog long (our 2nd attempt…) when we were invited to the press night, our first ever.  The great and the good of Exeter gathered to drink the nice beer & wine and eat samples of sliders that were coming from the kitchen. The consensus … Continue reading Ruby Modern Diner: The new menu

The Malt House (Harvester), St Thomas, Exeter (3/5)

Exeter isn’t a large city, and eventually things get back to me about restaurants in Exeter that are either truly amazing places to eat or should be just avoided.  And one thing that comes back to me quite often is the varying experiences of friends of ours who have visited The Malt House. Take a trip to Trip Advisor and you see a worrying consensus. … Continue reading The Malt House (Harvester), St Thomas, Exeter (3/5)