Special Dispatch: Scoff’s, Paignton (4/5)

Paignton has a strange attraction, it is a splat in between the sizable populous mass of Torquay to the north and the beautiful harbour of Brixham.  There are a few words that you could use to describe Paignton, and depending on who you ask will depend what sort of words they end up being.  True, the town has its problems and suffers from a lack of investment … Continue reading Special Dispatch: Scoff’s, Paignton (4/5)

Mammas for Victory: a bad experience at The Crystal Cafe?

EE hasn’t reviewed this cafe yet, but Zion Lights, (journalist, fellow blogger and mum), had a bad experience which you can read about here at her blog.  If you have been to this cafe before and would like to submit a well written independent review, please get in contact. http://mammasforvictory.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/utterly-disgusted-by-anti-child-anti.html Related articles RAMM Cafe, Queen St. Exeter (5/5) (eatingexeter.wordpress.com) Continue reading Mammas for Victory: a bad experience at The Crystal Cafe?

RAMM Cafe, Queen St

Exeter is an amazing city. Tea is also amazing. But there is something more amazing and that is finding something, expecting it to be great and then finding out it is and that you’re right.  And this is exactly how I have found the in-house cafe in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.  Knowing it was ran by Otterton Mill was a guarantee that this wasn’t going to … Continue reading RAMM Cafe, Queen St

Special Dispatch: Seaview Diner, Teignmouth (4/5)

Eating Exeter likes to push boundaries sometimes, and we really have this time.  We’ve been to Teignmouth.  The heart of the bit between Torquay and Exeter. Due to failing finances and the urge to get out of Exeter we ran away for an afternoon by the seaside in order to inhale some sea air and go for a bit of a walk to observe the … Continue reading Special Dispatch: Seaview Diner, Teignmouth (4/5)

Oggy Oggy, Queen St

Oggy Oggy is quite firmly established in Exeter, having occupied a corner of the Guildhall Shopping Centre on Queen Street for what seems like donkey’s years.  It has now moved to what had been a gift shop on the corner of Queen Street and Paul Street.  The previous cafe was small, pokey and dark and this one is now cold, airy and clinical.  I visited … Continue reading Oggy Oggy, Queen St

Restaurant Guide – La Petit Maison, Topsham

http://www.lapetitemaison.co.uk   01392 873660    @chefdougipm La Petit Maison, fine dining in a small house.  Chef Douglas Pestell has a fine pedigree, and took over the restaurant in 2000 finally realising his dream to run his own restaurant.  With a background in four and five star establishments, including Gleneagles in Scotland, he brings his philosophy and exquisite cuisine to the people of Exeter. Continue reading Restaurant Guide – La Petit Maison, Topsham

Restaurant Guide – Oliva Restaurant, Topsham

      http://www.olivarestaurant.co.uk/ 01392 877878  6 – 7 Fore St Topsham Devon If you want an award-winning place to eat, look no further.  This place has won more awards than you could wave a deliciously coated stick at.  Located in the heart of Topsham, the posh annexe of Exeter, it has won Devon Life Chef of the Year and Restaurant Of The Year multiple times, … Continue reading Restaurant Guide – Oliva Restaurant, Topsham

Restaurant Guide – Harry’s Restaurant

http://www.harrys-exeter.co.uk  01392 202234 Harry’s Restaurant 86 Longbrook Street Exeter Devon EX4 6AP Harrys Restaurant is an interesting red-brick oddity on Longbrook Street.  Named after Harry Hems, a master carver who occupied the premises following its design and construction by the architect Robert Medley Fulford in 1882.  The whole restaurant is very much a family affair, with the third generation of the Pounds family working for the … Continue reading Restaurant Guide – Harry’s Restaurant

Restaurant Guide – The Magdalen Chapter

http://www.themagdalenchapter.com/  01392 281 000 @magdalenchpt The Magdalen Chapter is set in a beautiful building that was formerly the Devon Eye Hospital.  After it was a hospital it became the Hotel Barcelona.  And now, a new chapter in its existence sees it as The Magdalen Chapter. Spot the pun? “Head Chef Ben Bulger and his team are guided by good cook and best-selling author Simon Hopkinson. … Continue reading Restaurant Guide – The Magdalen Chapter

Restaurant Guide – Southernhay House

http://www.southernhayhouse.com/ 01392 435324 @SouthernhayHome The beautiful Georgian quarter of Exeter’s Southernhay hides many hidden gems.  Including this one, Southernhay House.  Reviewed in the Telegraph, it got a fairly good review.  But all food critics are ultimately wrong until proven right, so ignore the star rating. This is a definite fine dining restaurant so be prepared to pay over £100 for two people if you have the whole nine … Continue reading Restaurant Guide – Southernhay House

Exeter Farmer’s Market

South Street in Exeter is mostly filled with estate agent’s, low-rent restaurants and The George’s Meeting House, the better Wetherspoons pub in Exeter by far.  Such other delights include a couple of churches, a KFC and some ruins.  It is the average bit of Exeter which, every Thursday transforms itself with the Farmer’s Market. For foodies are quite spoilt for choice in Exeter.  Darts Farm … Continue reading Exeter Farmer’s Market

Ruby Burgers, Exeter – Press Night 25th January

A couple of months ago, I received a bit of an unusual tweet.  It was from the owners of Ruby Burgers inviting me to a press night at their lovely looking establishment that has just opened their doors, on Queen St in Exeter.  It was nice that they were holding such a night in the first place (to be honest why would they not?) but … Continue reading Ruby Burgers, Exeter – Press Night 25th January

Tesco Exe Vale In-store Cafe, Digby Retail Park

Eating Exeter isn’t just about fine dining and nice nosh, we go to places you might not necessarily think are worth writing about, and that includes in-store cafe restaurants.  I am personally fascinated at how different in-store cafe’s can alternate so wildly in the way they are managed and the varying degrees of success that you experience depending on where you go.  From the in-store … Continue reading Tesco Exe Vale In-store Cafe, Digby Retail Park

Matford Diner, Marsh Barton Trading Estate

It has been a number of years since I have been to a ‘greasy spoon‘ type cafe.  What makes a  cafe a greasy spoon? Well I would say surroundings is a start.  Let’s Do Cafe in Fore Street, is my benchmark for these types of cafe.  Mostly because they do a damn good job at doing what they do, but also they are reasonably priced … Continue reading Matford Diner, Marsh Barton Trading Estate

George’s Meeting House, South Street

The George’s Meeting House is located in South Street in Exeter. Occupying an old Presbyterian Meeting House built in 1760, it was named after George III hence George’s Meeting House.  It was opened as Exeter’s first non-smoking pub in 2005, and Wetherspoon’s second pub in Exeter.  Tim Martin, JD Wetherspoon founder and CEO lives around the corner so I hear, so this Wetherspoons is special.  This ‘Spoons is, I … Continue reading George’s Meeting House, South Street

Devon Coffee, Queen Street

Nudged between Subway and Cafe Nero in the upper part of Queen Street is a new independent cafe called Devon Coffee, opened four months ago with little fanfare or announcement. My first suspicion that something had changed, was a new hand painted pavement sign advertising Bacon Sandwiches for £3. So was this just another coffee shop trying to muscle in with the big boys? What made them different in … Continue reading Devon Coffee, Queen Street

All Day 6 (Wok 7), Palace Gate, Exeter (2/5)

EDIT All Day Six is now called Wok 7. You can’t miss it, no matter how you try and avoid its orange glow at the bottom of Palace Gate in Exeter.  The bright and shiny beacon of tangeriney paint hits you like a visual nuclear warhead.  As I like the colour orange, this was genuinely the only reason why I chose to eat here one night a … Continue reading All Day 6 (Wok 7), Palace Gate, Exeter (2/5)

Lloyds Cafe & Bistro, Catherine Street

If I was in to fluffing out my review titles with a tagline, I would say that it was ‘A little bit of London in Exeter‘.  The atmosphere, the bustle and professionalism of the service felt like something that was more akin to central London fine-dining than an Exeter cafe. Tori and I met some friends who we’d not met in person before on Saturday afternoon, the whole experience was … Continue reading Lloyds Cafe & Bistro, Catherine Street