Lets Do Cafe, Fore Street

This originally appeared on Gower The Gourmand on the 22nd July 2012 I have to admit that this post has been a little delayed, but the reputation of this place has stuck in my head as the benchmark for ‘how a cafe should be’. Lets Do Cafe has been in Fore St since 2001 and ever since it started, it has had an ethos that it only uses locally … Continue reading Lets Do Cafe, Fore Street

Bill’s Restaurant, Exeter

New restaurants seem to open in Exeter pretty frequently, but none of them have seemed to have generated so much buzz as Bill’s Restaurant in recent times.  Bills, which sits behind Tescos in Gandy Street has transformed the grim surroundings with its hip and cosmopolitan presence. For more information about how the first Bill’s Restaurant started, head over to their website and have a look.  Its a romantic story full of floods and … Continue reading Bill’s Restaurant, Exeter

The Exploding Bakery, Queen Street

I originally started writing about The Exploding Bakery on my personal blog here. When I first realised that Juice Moose had been replaced by this intriguing establishment, I had to tell everyone and wrote a small article about it.  But I thought that a proper review on a proper website would do it justice, as it really deserves it!. The Exploding Bakery is, as a … Continue reading The Exploding Bakery, Queen Street

Exeter Food and Drink Festival

It is that time of year again.  The Exeter Food and Drink Festival is appearing over the horizon like a big family-fun-filled-food related sunrise, and as usual I am curious to see what is happening. http://www.exeterfoodanddrinkfestival.co.uk/ I am hoping to go along and see what is occurring, fancy giving myself and my co-editor some free tickets? (only joking). I am genuinely buzzing with excitement at the … Continue reading Exeter Food and Drink Festival

Starz Bar, under the Iron Bridge, Exeter

Go for: American-style cuisine in a relaxed, party atmosphere. Massive portions. The downstairs cocktail bar. The barman. Don’t go for: An extensive vegetarian selection. Intimate dinners for two. Eat: Half-rack of ribs with hickory bbq sauce, Hawaiian beef burger with Monterey Jack cheese and pineapple, Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp (just for the name). Go with: A group of friends, especially when celebrating. Spend: £4-£10 for starters, £7-£15 for mains, … Continue reading Starz Bar, under the Iron Bridge, Exeter

McDonalds, High St. Exeter (2/5)

There has been a lot written about McDonalds in recent years. There are books about fast food Such as Fast Food Nation, Morgan Spurlock‘s film Supersize Me, there are anti-McDonald websites, pro McDonald websites and everything in between. There are people that love McDonalds, others that are indifferent and those who vehemently oppose its existance. There are other people that go in to a McDonalds … Continue reading McDonalds, High St. Exeter (2/5)

ASK, Cathedral Yard, Exeter

Editors note: This review is nearly five years old and has been marked for re-review. 5 Cathedral Close, Exeter, EX1 1EZ – 01392 427 127 The rise and rise of the casual dining, chain Italian restaurant has given us some interesting results.  Notably in Exeter we are given two offerings in the form of Zizzi‘s and ASK.  We are also given Strada, but this is in a slightly higher league … Continue reading ASK, Cathedral Yard, Exeter

The Gandhi Indian Cuisine, Clock Tower

I’ll start this review with a fact.   A good curry is hard to find. Give me a place, and I genuinely ask you to comment on this review and tell me exactly where the best curries in Exeter are, because up to now I had not found one.  However I can safely say that the best curry you will find in Exeter at the … Continue reading The Gandhi Indian Cuisine, Clock Tower