The hunt for Exeter’s best veggie breakie (part deux) by Stephanie Darkes

84 Queen St, Exeter, EX4 3RP – 01392 201 181 Last week it was my birthday and post-party night I was desperate for a top drawer veggie breakfast. So I turned to the oracle that is Twitter for some suggestions and plenty came back including: The Cosy Club, Tea on the Green and Bills, all of which have been added to my ‘Breakfast List’ – which is … Continue reading The hunt for Exeter’s best veggie breakie (part deux) by Stephanie Darkes

Breakfast at Harry’s Restaurant

86 Longbrook St, Exeter EX4 6AP  Tel: 01392 202234  Twitter:@HarrysExeter I don’t get out much.  For someone that writes a food blog, you’d think that I spend my days frequenting fine restaurants and hob-nobbing with the fooderati of Devon, but unfortunately I pay my bills, not via writing, but through a standard job that pays wages. It has nothing to do with food and given I … Continue reading Breakfast at Harry’s Restaurant

Cote Brasserie, Cathedral Green by Chris Gower

August 20th is our anniversary and this was the opportunity to go somewhere that had been recommended to us by more than one person. It definitely has a few fans by having a look at the feedback on Google and Facebook, including Latoyah at Sugar Pink Food. Cote Brasserie sits on the Exeter’s historic Cathedral Green within earshot of Michael Caines Abode and just a … Continue reading Cote Brasserie, Cathedral Green by Chris Gower

Deliveroo Arrives in Exeter

Now and again I get to work with some awesome companies and brands who I think will benefit diners in Exeter.  Recently I have been lucky to be able to work with two different companies who are looking to benefit dining in Exeter through a well thought out and genuine service. Like me, you might be partial to the odd take-away, a sneaky Burger King … Continue reading Deliveroo Arrives in Exeter

Artigiano launches Create Your Own Cocktail Event

Create your own signature cocktail with Artigiano’s resident mixologists for the perfect night out in Exeter.  Artigiano, Exeter’s premier High Street Espresso and Wine Bar, who already offer entertainment with jazz on a Monday night and Acoustic Music Sessions on a Thursday, are launching the first create-your-own cocktail making experience in Exeter – perfect for those social events with a twist. Created for groups of … Continue reading Artigiano launches Create Your Own Cocktail Event

Circa 1924, Exeter

When Harry’s Grill & Bar closed in Northernhay Place, it left available a prime spot for a restaurant. The inevitable march of Exeter’s chain restaurants had some worried that the site might be engulfed by some bland corporate named establishment… Enter stage left: James and Rob, founders of Circa 1924, a 1920’s inspired Steak and Seafood Restaurant that is raising the bar for casual-fine dining in … Continue reading Circa 1924, Exeter

Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter

86 Longbrook St, Exeter EX4 6AP  Tel: 01392 202234  Twitter:@HarrysExeter Its not often that I get to review a restaurant that has such a legacy.  Whilst at work on the day of the review a couple of conversations I had with colleagues went along the lines of “What are you doing tonight?” “Going to Harry’s for something to eat…” “Oh I love Harry’s, its really nice, you’ll … Continue reading Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter

The HH Restaurant, Broadclyst

I like discovering the hidden gems.  There are always some culinary pockets of the unknown in any part of the world, and the latest discovery for me is The HH Restaurant in Broadclyst which, for me, is one of the most underrated fine dining restaurants in Devon.  That was a statement wasn’t it? But I hold to it happily. Years ago back in my yoof, … Continue reading The HH Restaurant, Broadclyst

Urban Burger, Queen St

A few months ago, the independent family run Urban Burger Restaurant invited Beer, Burger and Beyond (Eating Exeter’s side project) to come down and pay them a visit and sample some of the delights that can be found on their awesome menu.  Whilst there, I really really wanted a burger and at the time couldn’t quite bring myself to hit the brand new Smoke Shack … Continue reading Urban Burger, Queen St

‘Read Reviews’ page! Now all reviews are easy to find…

One thing I have been dying to do since Eating Exeter reached size enough to warrant it was to index the reviews in to some sort of easy glance page. It is an urge that I have now and again, being a librarian these things are inevitable. And that has now happened, head to ‘Read Reviews’ to see all of Eating Exeter’s reviews on one … Continue reading ‘Read Reviews’ page! Now all reviews are easy to find…

Powderham Food Festival 2014

What do you get when you combine a stately home, the best of local producers and a sunny October in Devon? The Powderham Food Festival of course!  I had the privilege of being invited along to this annual event on behalf of Eating Exeter and I have to say I was not at all disappointed. As you entered the main courtyard your sense where immediately … Continue reading Powderham Food Festival 2014

Sylvain’s Little French Cakes: Pattiserie Perfection

For Eating Exeter, product testing is a bit of a rarity.  Once Gourmet Garden sent us a whole bunch of squeezy herbs which I tried to love but failed to, and now and again we get the odd thing sent through which either gets a write up because its lovely or casually ignored if it is just naff.  But this is the first time that … Continue reading Sylvain’s Little French Cakes: Pattiserie Perfection

Truffles Cafe, Magdalen Road, Exeter

If you ever find yourself in Magdalen Road, I would highly recommend Truffles Cafe.  I popped through for a quick cup ‘o tea after a medical appointment. I found a charming cafe with a faint hint of Radio 3 and the occasional roar of an Elektra coffee machine. Its whitewashed walls display some magnificent paintings by local artist Warren Clayburn. Light food is available, ingredients … Continue reading Truffles Cafe, Magdalen Road, Exeter

The Pickle Shack Pop-up Restaurant at The Real McCoy’s Arcade, Exeter

Eating Exeter was lucky to be invited to a Pop-up Dining experience hosted by The Pickle Shack; an exciting new company hosting a number of Pop-up events across East and South Devon.  At the helm of The Pickle Shack is Josh McDonald-Johnson, a talented Michelin star trained chef who has previously worked for three two Michelin starred chefs, Michael Caines (our local food hero), Daniel … Continue reading The Pickle Shack Pop-up Restaurant at The Real McCoy’s Arcade, Exeter

The Weekend Breakfast @ Ruby Modern Diner, Queen St, Exeter

74 Queen St, Exeter, EX4 3RX 01392 436168 The award winning team at Ruby Modern Diner at 74 Queen Street have been very busy bees. Not only do they sell some of the best burgers in Exeter (see a recent review in Beer, Burger and Beyond and some recently awarded accolades) but they have also launched a Weekend Breakfast menu, serving breakfast from 9:00am – … Continue reading The Weekend Breakfast @ Ruby Modern Diner, Queen St, Exeter

Naked Wines Tasting Event – Exeter University Great Hall 2014

I wanted to start off this post with ‘the thing I love about wine tastings….’ but realised that I have only ever been to one and this one was it.  For the uninitiated, it’s a little like an ale/beer/cider festival except there is a lot less liquid and a lot more talking about the thing being consumed. Some people come and work around methodically, opting … Continue reading Naked Wines Tasting Event – Exeter University Great Hall 2014

Boston Tea Party, 84 Queen St

I absolutely love going out for brunch, I don’t know why but I find it so much more exciting than any other meal out! It’s probably because most of the time I use the term brunch as an excuse to have a dessert as a main meal, pancakes at 6pm… “it’s fine it’s brunch!” So when I met my boyfriend Jack in town on a sunny Sunday in … Continue reading Boston Tea Party, 84 Queen St

The Magdalen Chapter, Magdalen Road

Being a student means that I don’t often have the chance to visit fine dining restaurants, not just due to the high prices but as the vast majority of my friends are also students, the opportunity doesn’t pass me by all too often. So when I was invited to lunch at The Magdalen Chapter, one of Exeter’s most exclusive restaurants, for an old work friends … Continue reading The Magdalen Chapter, Magdalen Road

The Old Firehouse, 50 New North Road

Tucked away in the corner of the city centre, sandwiched between two looming grey office blocks, is The Old Firehouse, Exeter’s own little secret garden. Walking through the flowered arched entrance you could be stepping back in time into the bustling beer garden, if it wasn’t for the fairy lights dotted around the walls. One of my favourite places to visit when back home in … Continue reading The Old Firehouse, 50 New North Road