Slow Roasted Lamb by Tori

A few weeks ago we received a massive bumper package from Julia and Bela at Veg In A Box, based out at Clyst St Mary.  One of the items within that box was a monster shoulder of lamb from The Devon Meatbox Company. Lamb is quite unforgiving.  Cheap lamb can be greasy and taste terrible, it is also quite easy to over cook it too, … Continue reading Slow Roasted Lamb by Tori

Veg In A Box

I’m not a very fussy eater, I tend to eat everything and anything that comes my way.  But like many of us, eating greens can be something that slips the mind sometimes.  The healthy lifestyle that many of my friends and colleagues strive to achieve will sometimes be the last thing that crosses my mind. If it wasn’t for my wonderful wife who is certainly … Continue reading Veg In A Box

10 Questions with Veg In A Box – by Lauren Heath

As it does these days, it all began with a tweet…my husband Steve was singing the praises of Devon based BOOM Kitchen and their curry kits (further info on these guys to follow in due course) and a twitter flurry occurred between him and a small local business called Veg in a Box about how good the curries really were – “excellent” we said – … Continue reading 10 Questions with Veg In A Box – by Lauren Heath