Contact & PR

Eating Exeter, was established in 2011, and has since grown in reach and reputation. We have therefore rebranded to Dining Devon in 2017.

Dining Devon includes announcements and events.  If you are a PR representative, please get in contact if you would like exposure for your client.

Press releases

Due to the high number that we receive daily, most press releases will not be published. If we have a connection with your brand, then we will consider publication.

With over 17,000 subscribers via email, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, Dining Devon is a fantastic avenue for promotion and marketing.

Want to write a guest post for Dining Devon? Please refer to the extensive submission guidelines below:

Guest posts must be about eating somewhere in Exeter or Devon; or cooking something with ingredients bought or foraged from the Devon or Exeter area’

We do not accept submissions from content farms, bots or people who can get us warm leads. The only warm thing we need is the gentle heat under a fondue, or maybe a hot water bottle.

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