Get fired up for UK BBQ Week – by Sue Stoneman

UK BBQ Week 4th – 12th July 2020

If you haven’t had the time to dust off your BBQ during lockdown and cook outside when the sun was shining, then the folks over at UKBBQWEEK have lots of hints, tips, reviews of equipment and recipes (some of mine) up on their website that might inspire you to get your fire lit and your tongs clicking! You can also read my Are You Ready to ‘Q on the blog for some newbie tips!

Uk bbq week

Many like to refer to me as the ‘BBQ Queen’ – some of you might know me for firing up most days, whatever the weather on one of my BBQs, or maybe seen me doing some live cooks over on the CountryWoodSmoke UK BBQ facebook group over the last few weeks; I am going to try and cook every day on my BBQs during #UKBBQWeek. 

What is UK BBQ Week?

UK BBQ Week is an idea born by a group of BBQ enthusiasts who want to show more people how easy and rewarding cooking outdoors can be, 365 days a year. UK BBQ Week has been set up to promote BBQ and encourage everyone from the young to the old, male and female to pick up the tongs and cook up some amazing BBQ food for their families and friends“.

I asked some of my friends in the Devon BBQ community what UK BBQ Week means for them.

Marcus Bawdon, Blogger, Author, BBQ Guru

marcus book

Marcus Bawdon, aka Mr CountryWoodSmoke, successful author of Food and Fire, Editor of UK BBQ Mag, founder of the very successful CountryWoodSmoke UK BBQ – CWS Facebook Group, and who also runs a BBQ Cookery School says:

I’m very excited and looking forward to UK BBQ Week this year. I probably won’t be going for anything too complicated this year, just some nice tasty food cooked with my kids. BBQ is fun for me, I love to experiment with a bit of theatre too. During UK BBQ Week I will be sharing lots of these cooks to hopefully inspire others to do some cooking. UK BBQ Week is all about just getting out there and cooking. In these tough times beacons of joy such as BBQ can be a welcome escape“.

Glenn Hotchin, from BBQ amateur to addict of 5 years, Torquay

On the basis that everything tastes better with a bit of smoke and a flame, we’re ridiculously lucky to live in Devon with the produce we can lay our hands on from Dartmoor to the sea. Moving away from the standard sausage and burgers (although there will be a healthy helping of both), I’m looking forward to cooking plenty influenced by the Med, especially as we’re not going to be travelling there this year. From squid, octopus (which I’m ordering for next weekend) and whole fish to souvlakis, kebabs and pizza. Moving away from typical English BBQ and looking wider afield will be the mainstay of my summer grilling. Anything can be cooked over fire if you’re prepared to give it a go“.

To help you plan your cooks, here are the themes for the week Themes2020[1]Check your stock levels of fuel, be it charcoal, wood or gas, to make sure you’re able to get outside and fire up.  You might also wish to visit your local butcher for some super tasty meat, veg and other fresh produce.

Saturday 4th – Burgers
Whether you like the fat juicy Pub Burgers, Smash Burgers, Stunt Burgers or even just a plain Quarter Pounder, we want to see them.

Sunday 5th – Sunday Roast
Everyone loves a Sunday Roast and cooked on the BBQ lifts them to a new level. You can easily cook all the meat, veg, even Yorkshire puddings and of course some lovely desserts. Keep an eye out for new recipes.

Monday 6th – Meat Free Monday
There are plenty of stunning Vegetarian and Vegan dishes for the BBQ. Why not give one ago? You’ll not be disappointed.

Tuesday 7th – Taco Tuesday
Who doesn’t like Tacos? Unlimited options and always so tasty.

Wednesday 8th – Wings
Another cook that has so many options and flavours and of course everyone loves them. Proper finger food.

Thursday 9th – Chefs Choice
Cook anything you want, it’s your choice.

Friday 10th – Fish and Seafood
Fish Friday, a bit of a tradition, so show us what you can do.

Saturday 11th – Pizza
Another popular dish, pizza and one that’s lends itself to outdoor cooking. Plain, simple or loads of toppings, you choose.

Sunday 12th – Sunday Roast
You’ve tried it once so let’s have another go and show us you Sunday Roasts whether it’s beef, pork, chicken, lamb or even any vegetarian / vegan options.

If you feel brave enough to get fired up and cook outside, you might like to post your cooks on UK BBQ WEEK and share the bbq love and don’t forget to tag us on socials too – @diningdevon on Twitter, Insta and Facebook!


Grab yourself a bevvy, fire up and get BBQing!

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