Review: Stir Crazy Cocktail Box & Masterclass #ad

For many of us, the lockdown has eased and there is some feeling that the world is returning to ‘normal’ – whatever that was. Throughout the UK, people are emerging slowly from three months of isolation; some are coming out but there are others who still have to be very careful.

Lockdown has seen many businesses, especially hospitality, across the country adapt to a new way of doing things. One of the most innovative things to emerge has been the number of businesses who are adapting and embracing delivery, and a particular trend for ‘DIY’ – Let me introduce to you these DIY Cocktail boxes; under the brand Stir Crazy, from Exeter’s very own cocktail masters.

Stir Crazy are sending out boxes of pre-made cocktail ingredients with some of the items that you need to create some classic Dr Ink’s Curiousities cocktails. Including specific items that are mixed in-house and not available anywhere else, you get instructions and access to a video online that goes out on Saturday evening via Facebook that shows you how to make the drink, information about the ingredients, and anything else you need to know.

It’s a perfect at-home masterclass for at-home mixologists from a cocktail bar that has won Imbibe’s Best Drink List for three years running.

We had been invited to try out the Beats of Brazil Cachaca Masterclass. An in depth exploration into the world of Cachaca, a spirit that embodies the liviliness of Brazil.

The Facebook live video premiered at 8:00pm on Saturday. Of course, me being as organised as I am, I only realised that on this occasion we were going to need lots of ICE! So followed a dash to the supermarket to buy some!

We laid everything out, worked out which device we were going to stream the video on, and away we went!

Note the lack of glasses (they were still in the fridge!)

This week Jake was going to be telling us all about Cachaca and showing us how to make these delicious cocktails! Click them image below to go straight to the Facebook video!

In the video, we were going to be making three cocktails. This including the two that were included in the box, as well as the ‘Classic Cocktail’ – this week it was going to be a Caipirinha.

Cachaca is the most popular distilled spirit in Brazil. It is easy to make, with ingredients ready to hand. It is made from fermented sugar cane juice, first being made in the 1600s after the Portuguese moved their production of sugar from Madiera to Brazil. Cachaca can only be made in Brazil, and according to 2007 figures, 1.500,000,000 litres of it is drank annually.

The first cocktail we were going to be creating was the Carnival. Requiring some edible flowers, we popped outside and did a bit of foraging, finding some with which we could adorn our cocktail.

We had two bottles to pop into the cocktail shaker – one with Cachaca, Madiera and Passionfruit and the other with Lime Juice and Lime Sherbert that had been created by Dr Ink’s. We popped some crushed ice in a glass, added some cubes to the shaker, and got shaking!

There are no beauty prizes here. This is a Gower special. Ugly delicious? Adorned with a dehydrated orange and some edible flowers, this was a delightful cockatil that you could only really expect from Dr Ink’s!

The classic cocktail, which you could have a go at home making, was a definitely variation on a theme. Caipirinha‘s need lime (we used lemon) and Cachaca (we used white rum). This was the easiest thing to make, just involving chopping limes, smushing it together in the bottom of the glass with some sugar, and then crushed ice and a good slug of Cachaca on top.

It didn’t look like much, but it had an exceptional punch to it. Had we got lime and Cachaca, I can imagine it would have been a much more sympathetic recreation!

The final cockatil was the Kahanamoku, a Dr Ink’s classic that I have had before. Again, it was super-simple to create, just adding the third bottle (btw, they have numbers on them) which had Cachaca and Aged Cuban Rum, and the final bottle which had Watermelon Sherbert, Coconut Water & Lime inside.

Shake the contents, pour over crushed ice, making sure you strain the liquid as it comes out, and then we garnish with the rice cracker which represents a surf board.

This was a unique experience that I would absolutely do again. I can imagine that this would be a perfect experience for a socially distanced cocktail party, or a self-isolated night in enjoying the experience of a Dr Ink’s cocktail in the comfort of your own home.

This Saturday (25th July) is Pornstar Martini Day, and Stir Crazy will be honouring this with two variations on this classic celebrating the Pornstar Martini’s 18th birthday.

To purchase a box visit this link:

If creating a cocktail is a bit too much work, purchase a ‘Locktail’ instead:

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