Review: 2 mains for £20 at The Oddfellows #ad

I’m not going abroad for my holidays, like many of my fellow countrymen who are too skint, I will not be jetting away to anywhere exotic, we have to make do with being stuck with the continental warmth, the mid-Atlantic storms and the fickle climate. Luckily we have an impressive array of beautiful destinations in our lovely county; glorious wild spaces and lots of green, … Continue reading Review: 2 mains for £20 at The Oddfellows #ad

Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter

86 Longbrook St, Exeter EX4 6AP  Tel: 01392 202234  Twitter:@HarrysExeter Its not often that I get to review a restaurant that has such a legacy.  Whilst at work on the day of the review a couple of conversations I had with colleagues went along the lines of “What are you doing tonight?” “Going to Harry’s for something to eat…” “Oh I love Harry’s, its really nice, you’ll … Continue reading Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter