Café Review: Babbacombe Bay Café – by Lauren Heath

Babbacombe Bay Café Imagine buying your dream cafe, and then lockdown hits – well the new owner of Babbacombe Bay Cafe, Michelle Sampson, has just lived through this. After securing the venue earlier this year she has had to wait until the right time to open due to lockdown and has just flung her doors open, raring to go – even if it is just … Continue reading Café Review: Babbacombe Bay Café – by Lauren Heath

Festive Afternoon Tea at Boringdon Hall

There is nothing more exquisitely British than taking Afternoon Tea.  The ritual of steeping tea, eating sandwiches without crusts and dainty cakes brings to mind expensive surroundings, maybe a scene from Downton Abbey with butlers and footmen bringing the various components gracefully and silently. In reality Afternoon Tea comes in all shapes and sizes.  We have sampled Afternoon Tea offerings in three different places so … Continue reading Festive Afternoon Tea at Boringdon Hall

BLT & Chorizo Club Sandwich

#projectcrispsandwich continues and this time we present one of our own creations.  Head over to Twitter and search under the hashtag #UltimateCrispSandwich and you’ll see lots of people either making some of the sandwiches that were suggested by Chef Dean Edwards who is working with Devon based Burts Crisps for this summer campaign. So we thought we could do one better.  The BLT & Chirizo … Continue reading BLT & Chorizo Club Sandwich